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“Sister Wives”: Highlights from Robyn Brown’s infamous “Purity” speech

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in the sister wives Season 6, Episode 6, “Robyn’s Secret”, Robyn Brown delivers the now infamous purity speech that left fans speechless. Here are the highlights of Robyn’s controversial speech to the Brown children.

The Browns are followers of the fundamentalist Mormon sect, the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), and after moving to Las Vegas they had no church to attend. So they held Sunday services in Meri Brown’s living room.

Kody Brown asked his fourth wife, Robyn, to teach a lesson on the law of chastity in her living room during church. “I’m actually going to talk to the kids about the biggest mistake of my life.” Robyn was “nervous” about telling the kids.

Robyn held a locket to symbolize a person’s “purity.” She explained, “You have that purity, and that purity has to do with your body. And that purity has to do with your mind and has to do with your heart. And it’s very, very, very precious. It is valued above all jewels.”

She encouraged the Brown children to save their purity for marriage to the right person. Robyn told the story of a girl who “cares about her purity” by preserving her virginity for marriage.

“She knew how valuable it was. And when she found the right man, she could surrender her purity to him and say, “This is yours. And that’s the ultimate gift, and it’s yours,” she says as she presents the locket to Kody.

During her teenage years, Robyn considered herself a “good girl” and abstained from all kissing and sexual relations. When she moved to Montana at the ripe age of 19, Robyn lost the basis of her faith. She said she became “rebellious,” stopped going to church and started dating. That person turned out to be her first husband, David Jessop.

“There was only one thing he wanted,” Robyn said. “So I got pregnant,” she said of her pregnancy with her first child, Dayton Brown.

Using the locket as a symbol of her virginity, Robyn explained the harmful effects of giving it to her first husband before marriage. She tells the Brown children about a girl who didn’t give her purity to the right person, referring to herself.

“A girl took her purity and gave it to someone who was begging for it. And he asked for it, and he asked for it. So she gave it away. She gave away her purity. And he didn’t respect it. He threw it on the ground. He broke it,” she said while tossing the locket onto the carpet.

In the interview, Robyn explained how she felt when she became illegitimately pregnant with Dayton. “You know when I found out I was pregnant I was devastated at the time. I was really scared. I was afraid my whole family would reject me; I was afraid of what my church would say,” she told cameras.

But she said she thinks it’s “important” to take “accountability” for her actions, and she said yes when he proposed to her. And Robyn stayed in her marriage to David for nine years and had two more children, Breanna and Aurora.

“She’s spent her whole life trying to get it back, but you only have one. And it broke her heart. And she spent her whole life feeling sad about it,” she tearfully told the Brown children.

She then revealed her regret that she didn’t save her “purity” for her husband, Kody. “When she finally found the man she was supposed to be with, she had to go up to him and say, ‘Look, I gave my purity away to someone else. He kind of stole it from me. And this should be yours. But I gave it to someone else and I’m so sorry.’ And it broke her heart,” Robyn cried.

Many sister wives Fans believe Robyn’s speech feeds into the harmful “purity culture” that many ex-polygamist children are having to unlearn. Not only do most Sister Wives fans find it detrimental to call their first marriage “the biggest mistake” of their lives, considering their first three children were the result of the marriage. Many sister wives Fans call the speech “embarrassing” and “twitching.” Check out the clip below (via Reddit):

One fan said (via Reddit): “For her to stand there and cry and talk about the loss of her own ‘purity’ and the alleged heartache it has caused her is too much and weighs on kids, especially the boys, way too much kids who were probably so confused. I won’t even go into how traumatic this must have been for Dayton. They called her speech “another poor-me performance by Robyn.”

New episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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