Thursday, December 22, 2022

Sister Wives fans may have figured out why Kody Brown suddenly hates pets

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Season 17 of sister wives is still airing, but that hasn’t stopped fans from digging into old footage and finding some interesting moments. A Reddit user dug up a clip proving that Robyn Brown doesn’t like dogs. Now fans can’t help but wonder if the allergies Kody once claimed were the reason he wouldn’t bring a dog into the home he shares with Robyn Brown and her five children. There’s plenty of evidence that Kody tolerated pets until he married Robyn Brown.

While Kody has been open about not having dogs around for the last few years, sister wives Fans remember when the Brown family patriarch sang a very different tune. Before Robyn’s arrival, the Browns were a pet-friendly family. Janelle, Christine and Meri Brown have had pets in their homes in one form or another at different times. Even Kody showed affection for the pets, who visited their homes in both Lehi, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Viewers note that Kody and the rest of the Brown family, aside from Robyn, mourned the loss of their dog, Drake, in Season 2 of the show. Kody was particularly heartbroken by this, one fan noted. Kody also appeared to be largely okay with the dogs that Leon left in Meri’s care while they were in college. Perhaps most importantly, Kody grew up surrounded by animals. In short, he didn’t like pets, nor did he claim to have any allergy issues until Robyn Brown came into the family. So who really has a problem with the well-loved four-legged friends?

Kody’s sudden about-face on dogs struck a chord with fans after Reddit users discovered footage of Robyn Brown tossing the Brown family dog ​​away early on sister wives’ run. The infamous kick that took place in the Season 2 episode “No Place for Home” certainly upset sister wives fans and forced them to ask who has a problem with pets.

Fans suspect Kody isn’t the one who doesn’t like pets. Rather, they believe that Robyn hates dogs and is using Kody as an excuse. Despite trying to suggest she’d add a “well behaved” dog to her home, fans believe she blames Kody so she doesn’t have to be the “bad guy” with her kids, admitting she doesn’t want a dog .

Whether or not Kody doesn’t like pets is still up for debate. It seems like he doesn’t have to deal with them anymore anyway. While Janelle Brown is the proud owner of three puppies, Kody has had limited time with his second wife since the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Gwendlyn Brown, whose dog Noël lived at Christine Brown’s Flagstaff home, has moved into Gwen’s apartment since Christine moved to Utah. Leon Brown’s dogs are also living their best lives away from Kody Brown. Kody doesn’t seem interested in staying in touch with the four-legged members of the Brown family, but that’s no surprise sister wives fans. According to several family members, Kody is also estranged from most of the human members of his oversized family.

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