Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sister Wives fans have had mixed reactions to Meri Brown’s decision not to attend Christine’s farewell party

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Christine Brown’s life with the Brown family has officially come to an end. While sister wives’ In the final episode, “The Worst Goodbye,” fans watched as Christine said her final, very awkward, farewell to most of her polygamous family. One person went missing from the 30-minute outdoor gathering. Meri Brown chose not to participate. While some fans think Meri’s reasoning is incredibly hypocritical, others see where Meri, Kody’s first and mostly estranged wife, came from.

During Christine Brown’s last day in Flagstaff, Arizona, Mykelti Padron tried to get the Brown family together one last time to say goodbye. Mykelti, Christine and Kody’s second-eldest child, wanted to make sure her mother left Flagstaff with no regrets. Although their intentions were good, the result was an awkward meeting that left fans feeling contradictory and confused.

Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, and Robyn Brown entertained the quick outdoor meetup, but Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, didn’t. Meri was absent from Christine Brown’s final farewell to the Brown family. The small business owner had another date when the family got together to bid Christine farewell.

The explanation seemed reasonable enough; It was even easy to forget about Meri’s absence until she explained it in an interview segment. Still, the fact that she didn’t bother has irked some sister wives viewers, while others fully understand where she came from.

Meri Brown has made it clear that she doesn’t feel the urge to start a relationship with Christine Brown. After Christine decided to leave Kody Brown, Meri wrote her off entirely. Some sister wives Fans believe her decision to skip saying goodbye was hypocritical.

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Meri claims that she no longer considers Christine a sister-wives because they must be married to the same man to be sister-wives. One Reddit user notes that since Kody has long considered his marriage to Meri null and void, Meri’s reasoning has been that Kody hasn’t been a sister wife for years. Despite this, she still expected to be invited to family events. Meri’s logic suggests that she thinks the rules are different for her, which has upset some viewers.

Some fans find Meri’s anger at Christine Brown particularly annoying. If anyone knows how Christine feels, it’s Meri. She, too, seriously considered leaving her polygamous marriage. Several fans have noted that the mother-of-one would have dumped Kody and the rest of the Browns if their online flirtation hadn’t turned out to be catfish.

While many fans are critical of Meri’s decision to stay away from Christine’s house, others think they understand Meri’s reasoning. Some even believe the small business owner had a right to stay away. In a way, it was the most respectful option.

While Christine and Meri were once close friends, they haven’t gotten along well for many years. More specifically, Meri and Christine have seen very little of each other in the last two years. In short, Christine’s decision to leave Flagstaff had almost no impact on Meri’s life, and it would have seemed disingenuous of her to show up and pretend that she had. Christine said she didn’t want to be a part of Meri’s life. Showing up would have gone against Christine’s will in a way.

More importantly, it’s widely believed that Meri is no longer part of the Brown family. Kody has made it clear that he doesn’t see himself married to her anyway. A Reddit user notes that he told her to get out of every available form of communication he has. Neither Meri nor Christine have a relationship with Kody, nor do they have a relationship with each other. There was practically no reason for Meri to change plans to allow for an awkward goodbye when, frankly, the relationship didn’t warrant one. The honesty is refreshing after so much deception.

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