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‘Sister Wives’: Does Mykelti’s Argument That TLC Made COVID-19 Rules Made by the Divided Brown Family Stand?

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In seasons 16 and 17 of sister wives, the Brown family navigated a series of rules put in place by Patriarch Kody to protect his family from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Kody kept emphasizing that he was the one who devised the rules that family members must follow in order for the polygamist clan to interact. However, during a Patreon video, Christine and Kody’s daughter, Mykelti, saw the situation differently. She claimed TLC implemented those rules to keep the Browns filming.

Like many families during the global pandemic, the Browns were unsure how safely they could interact with one another. Its members followed CDC guidelines as a large family at different stages of life. However, some were stricter than others when it came to socializing.

Christine and Janelle treated the situation with concern. However, they traveled to visit their children who lived outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. Janelle’s sons continued to work. Christine’s daughter had spinal surgery and had to travel to New Jersey for the surgery.

Meanwhile, Kody and Robyn have retired to their home with their five children, as has Meri, who lived alone. The clan, as seen in the series, interacted via Skype and on several occasions socially distanced themselves from family members who lived in Arizona.

Kody’s insistence that the family follow his list of rules so they can interact was the final straw for Janelle and Christine. However, in a new video for Patreon subscribers, Mykelti shared that Kody wasn’t the mastermind behind the document, which only added to the drama within the Brown family. She put the blame squarely on TLC’s feet. So who is telling the truth?

Mykelti and Tony Padron went live via Crowdcast on their Patreon account where they responded to the sister wives Season 17 finale. In the video, the couple discussed several topics while watching the final episode of the season.

In the video, Mykelti claimed Kody strictly observed social distancing to protect TLC employees and his family. She claimed TLC implemented the coronavirus rules to protect the show and that her father took the heat, as did Robyn, his legal wife.

However, your argument does not seem to be valid. Much of the family’s filming was done remotely on their phones, without TLC crew on-site.

As the family gathered, she and the crew remained distant. The Brown family did not film at home until Season 17, when cameras documented Christine’s separation from the clan.

As Kody gathered to discuss how they would deal with the virus, he presented his wives with a list of rules. Kody’s rules include wearing masks in public, sanitizing and washing hands, and sanitizing food, among other things. Kody presented this list to Janelle, Christine and Meri eight months into the pandemic.

“No movie theaters, bars, gyms or restaurants,” Janelle read, as reported by People Magazine. “Kids can see friends if they socially distance 10 feet, and only for a limited time,” she continues, before adding, “Clean the mail with alcohol swabs.”

However, Robyn and Kody did admit that a nanny came and went to their home to look after their younger children. The nanny reportedly stuck to the family rules but exposed the clan to the virus.

In a Reddit post discussing Mykelti’s allegations, fans found gaps in her argument. Some claim that Kody’s daughter is trying to stay in her father’s good graces.

“I believe all she says is damage control directed by Kody and Robyn,” one viewer wrote. “I would also bet there is significant manipulation going on to get her to say it. K&R will use her as a puppet as long as she plays in their direction.”

“The fact that she speaks without seeing the show is really bad. It will be corrected publicly. Also, Mykelti says she doesn’t want to take sides between her parents. But what do their actions show? Does she take Kody’s word?” wrote a second fan.

A third viewer concluded: “Janelle said she follows CDC guidelines, which I assume are consistent with TLC’s. The only additional crap was Kody & Robyn’s rules.”

Finally, a fourth Reddit user claimed, “Probably all TLC wanted was for them to follow CDC guidelines, as Janelle said of her family.” There’s no way TLC would ask her to do all that extra sh***. If that were the case, how could the nanny come and go as she pleases?”

sister wives currently paused.

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