Thursday, January 26, 2023

“Single’s Inferno”: Meet Oh Jin-taek’s girlfriend – and it’s not Kang So-yeon

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With Netflix Single’s Inferno With Season 2 being another success, fans are excited to see what the Season 1 cast is up to. Over a year has passed and the cast have moved on with their lives. Interestingly, the ending couples have not revealed their official relationships. fans speculated Single’s Inferno Married couple Oh Jin-taek and Kang So-yeon secretly met. But fans will be interested to know that Jin-taek has a new woman in his life – Lily Baek.

return to Single’s Inferno, Jin-taek and So-yeon were a match made in heaven when they arrived on the island. Both candidates seemed a perfect match and had an inherent chemistry. Like Yoong-jae and Seo-eun in Single’s Inferno Season 2, Jin-taek and So-yeon were an endgame couple.

But there were a few hiccups that were fixed, and the two went to paradise together on more than one occasion. It came as no surprise when the two left Inferno together. After Single’s Inferno In the finale, fans were left curious to see if the two were officially dating. the Single’s Inferno The producers stated it was up to the cast to disclose their relationships.

Fans soon began digging for clues and found a few gold nuggets. Since So-yeon is a Youtuber, fans noticed a man wearing the same outfit Jin-taek wore in an Instagram post in the background of one of her videos. In interviews, Jin-taek also revealed his great admiration for So-yeon and their time together on the island. Later, fans began to speculate that they dated for a short time. A year later, this is now 100% clear Single’s Inferno Jin-taek and So-yeon are not dating. It has been confirmed that Jin-taek has a girlfriend.

According to Koreaboo, Jin-taek has a new love in his life. The lucky woman is Lily Baek, who started out as a PR intern before rising in her career. In 2014 she became CEO and founder of W/E Marketing Communication, specializing in fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

According to the official W/E website: “With 7 years of professional experience at top-class clients such as Chanel, Audi, adidas Originals, GQ Korea,, Moët & Chandon, DUXIANA, Westin Chosun Hotel and Daelim Museum, Lily was in capable of strategically launching an American lifestyle brand Incase and successfully building brand awareness in Korea through fostering large-scale media relationships, retail marketing and content creation.”

The Seoul-based company has worked with some of Korea’s most prominent names in the industry. “We carefully analyze the client’s needs, curate influencers or artists that perfectly fit the brand campaign/project, develop content from different angles and tell the story not only in traditional media but also in digital and social media,” explains the company Page? site.

Baek also launched Ready to Wellness in 2020, focusing on “the first wellness-focused lifestyle brand in Korea.” It’s unclear when Jin-taek and Baek started their relationship, but she has been actively posting photos of them together on social media. On her Instagram profile @lily_beak, fans can see the happy couple enjoying the Bangkok sunset, taking road trips and spending the holidays together.

Before Se-jun revealed his background Single’s Inferno In Season 2, fans had dug up his connection to Jin-taek. Fans couldn’t help but scratch their heads as to why Se-jun looked so familiar. It was soon revealed that Se-jun works as a seamstress at Jin-taek’s Ascottage tailor shop.

Back to Jin-taek’s job video from Season 1, Se-jun appears in the background. But not how Single’s Inferno In Season 2, Se-jun wore long hair. He has yet to reveal why he decided to take part in the dating series, but it can be speculated that it was under Jin-taek’s influence. For Single’s Infernothe participants can be scouted, recommended by friends or advertised for participation.

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