Sunday, December 5, 2021

Singer with a clear opinion Peter Maffay: "People who are not vaccinated cannot socialize"

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There was no alternative for Peter Maffay. The singer has had himself vaccinated and advises his fans to do the same. However, the musician also warns: people who have not been vaccinated should not be directly convicted.

Peter Maffay has a clear opinion on vaccination against the corona virus. He feels that politics is worked with fear in order to achieve goals and set the course. “That is definitely difficult for society,” said the 72-year-old of the “Berliner Zeitung”.

“But I have a very clear position on the subject of vaccination: I am a musician, I socialize. If I am not vaccinated, I endanger these people.” For him as an artist there is no alternative to vaccination.

When you socialize, as he does in his job, vaccination is an obligation. “There’s no getting around it,” Maffay continued. Everyone can decide differently. “Ultimately, the decision whether to get vaccinated or not has to be made by everyone.” But: “I think anyone who has not been vaccinated cannot actually socialize.” These people are “transmitters and threats”.

But the singer also warned against judging others. “The background that makes you not do it is difficult to judge from the outside, you shouldn’t judge it straight away.”

The musician hopes to go on tour in the coming year. “People want to come to the concerts,” says Maffay. “So if it’s possible to play without putting people at risk, we’ll definitely do it.” It starts in February in Magdeburg.

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