Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Sick of this pornographer’: Fans cheer on director Sam Levinson for ‘The Idol’ teaser starring Lily-Rose Depp

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In the teaser trailer for The Idol, Depp’s character is seen getting involved in drugs, affairs, sex, orgies, controversy and scandal

Director Sam Levinson and HBO have finally released the official teaser trailer for upcoming series The Idol. By the looks of it, the trailer has a perfect amalgamation of drugs, sex, orgies and scandalous love affairs.

The trailer begins with rock ‘n’ roll music playing in the background. Then we see a glimpse of a character who might be a stage choreographer. She says, “All right, music. 7, 8. Lick it. clap it Drop it.” Leading actress Lily-Rose Depp dances to a music video, and it gives us a hint that becoming a pop star and an idol isn’t an easy journey. As he rises to stardom, Depp’s character becomes drugged, Involving affairs, sex, orgies, controversy and scandals, The Idol is slated for release in late 2022.


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“I’m tired of this pornographer”

Also, in the trailer, we hear the same off-screen voice saying, “More, more, more. Orgy.” An actor then says, “Why don’t you just be yourself?” To which Lily-Rose Depp’s character replies, “Because there’s nothing about me to relate to.” Then we see another character whisper: “Trust me,” and Lily replies, “Not really.”Towards the end, we see the same character having a sensual make-out session with her on set.Overall, the teaser trailer gave us a clue as to what the show’s plot was about will go.

Since the teaser for The Idol was released, fans have criticized director Levinson for making a racy kind of soft series. “Idek what this is about but I can say it’s going to be the most toxic and divisive piece of media ever released,” said one fan. “This guy Sam Levinson can’t write about anything other than sex and drugs,” added another added. “I’m sick of this pornographer,” said one user, while another wrote, “Looks interesting, I’m watching for Rachel Sennott, Lily Rose Depp, Jennie (very interested to see how she’s doing in acting) and Debby Ryan on. ”


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“Sam Levinson is making a media property with no nudity or drug issue,” said one fan. “One of the best mainstream musicians of this century with one of the worst filmmakers of all time,” remarked another. “I thought why does this look so bad and like Euphoria 2.0 then I saw the co-creator is Sam Levinson so yeah that looks awful,” said one fan.

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