Thursday, December 1, 2022

Sia ‘begged’ Maddie Ziegler’s mom to ‘let her push less’

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Sia certainly has an interesting relationship with Maddie Ziegler. Though the couple appear to have a steady working relationship, their relationship extends well beyond their many collaborations. In the nine years that they have known each other, they have become very close. In fact, Melissa Gisoni (Ziegler’s mother) made the “Unstoppable” singer godmother to her two daughters a few years ago.

For her part, Sia regards Ziegler as the daughter she never had. The Australian admits she’s very protective Dancing Moms Alum. she offers Failure Actor with 24/7 security and even comments on Ziegler’s career path. She is also aware of the role fame has played in the dancer’s life and how she herself has contributed to it.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s Fierce Women in Music, Sia spoke candidly about Ziegler’s life that’s been in the spotlight over the past 12 years. “She’s been famous since she was six and she’s actually quite comfortable with it,” Sia explained. “There were times when she found it difficult. So you know I mean her mother [and I]we talk about how we can make it easier for her.”

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One way Sia claims that she’s made fame more manageable for Ziegler is to speak up to Gisoni on Ziegler’s behalf. According to the “Cheap Thrills” singer, Ziegler had a hard time going to dances and taking selfies with hundreds of fans. Upon learning of the impact the events were having on the dancer, Sia petitioned Gisoni on behalf of her goddaughter.

“She said she felt depersonalized the last time she did that,” Sia explained. “So I just begged Melissa, let’s try to let her do a lot less press. Much fewer things that require direct contact with fans.”

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According to Sia, she understood firsthand why Ziegler’s constant interactions with fans were challenging for her. She shared that she and her goddaughter are both “absorbent” and “empathetic” people who can easily absorb the nerves of fans anxious to meet her. So it was important for Sia to convince Gisoni to limit Ziegler’s appearances at dance events.

In the aforementioned interview, Sia also shared that they will often speak for Ziegler when approached by fans when they are out in public together. According to the “Elastic Heart” singer, she can tell at a glance if Ziegler isn’t interested in a selfie and will intervene if necessary. Sia certainly seems interested in protecting Ziegler from fame. But now that Ziegler is a young adult, she can define those boundaries for herself.

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