Monday, November 29, 2021

She was dumped dead in front of the hospital, 24 year old model Christy Giles

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A few days after her 24th birthday, Christy Giles was found dead on a sidewalk. Her friend is also in mortal danger. A video of three masked men raises questions.

She had her whole life ahead of her, was just beginning her career. Christy Giles shared her success with her fans on Instagram and regularly shared photos of her shootings with them. She posted her last post on November 7th – shortly after her 24th birthday.

Just six days later, Christy Giles is dead. Her family is now desperate for answers. Because as can be read on a “GoFundMe” donation page and reported by ABC7, the circumstances of the death are unclear.

According to her husband Jan Cilliers, a video shows how the 24-year-old was dropped dead in front of a hospital in Los Angeles after a night of partying with two friends – by three masked men in a black car without a license plate.

Two hours later, two of the men are said to have left their friend, designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, in the same car in front of another hospital. She is currently in a critical condition, is connected to life support machines and has “no brain activity”. Los Angeles police suspect an accidental heroin overdose.

“The loss is just so difficult,” says her husband Jan Cilliers to the broadcaster. “I know I’ll never see or kiss or touch her again and it’s just so heartbreaking.” The third woman, who was celebrating with Christy and Hilda Marcela on Friday evening, went home early – and that had saved her life.

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