Thursday, May 5, 2022

‘Shark Tank’: Plunge Strikes $2.4M Deal With Robert Herjavec, Fans Say ‘It’s A Cold Tub’

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“You can take a cold shower for free. Why would anyone pay for an ice cold bath for a bath!’ wondered one Shark Tank fan

There is nothing better than an ice-cold bath on a hot summer day or after an intense workout. Banking on that sentiment, Michael Garret and Ryan Duey launched Plunge, a tub designed for ice baths. The duo’s pitch for their own bathtub sparked an intense bidding war for Shark Tank.

The murderous bidding war ended with Robert Herjavec handing out a whopping $2.4 million, which is double what the Plunge founders wanted. Garret and Duey sought a $1.2 investment for a 5% stake in their brand. After demonstrating the benefits of an ice bath to Robert, the duo began discussing the numbers. Unfortunately, despite having impressive sales, profit margins, and even a bidding war among the Sharks to prove their product’s popularity, fans of the ABC show didn’t buy it. After watching the pitch, many fans pointed out that it was just a cold bath and said it wasn’t worth the money.


One fan tweeted: “I don’t see anything weird about it. It’s a cold tub. Go to Philadelphia if you want a cold bath. #Sharktank.” Another fan commented on the show’s Instagram page: “You can take a cold shower 🥶 for free. Why would anyone 💰 pay for a bathtub 🧼 and an ice cold 🥶 bathtub at that! 🫤.” “This cold soaking tub can’t possibly be patentable. You will be knocked off in about 30 seconds. #SharkTank,” one fan pointed out. “If you live in New England, you don’t need this product. There are many other ways to be ice cold when the water comes out of the faucet and feels icy,” added one fan.

Another fan joked: “A truly life changing practice. When I walk into my local Chipotle, all the ladies stare at me. It’s called a cold shower glow.” “I made a DIY setup with a chest freezer in my garage…set to stay at 3 degrees Fahrenheit…amazing for mental and physical health,” shared one fan.

While the internet seems unfazed by Plunge, only time will tell if Robert’s risky gamble by investing in Plunge will pay off.

Shark Tank season 13 airs every Friday at 8.7c on ABC.

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