Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Shailene Woodley once said there was “no wedding planning” even months after Aaron Rodgers got engaged

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Many fans were surprised when it was announced that Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers were engaged. However, Woodley himself seemed somewhat surprised by the turn of events. Since she wasn’t a football fan prior to her courtship with Rodgers, she couldn’t believe she was planning a life with someone of his trade. Despite Rodgers being one of the most famous quarterbacks in the league, Woodley was not at all familiar with Rodgers before meeting him in quarantine.

Rumors of Woodley and Rodgers’ possible wedding began swirling in early 2021 ends, beginnings star confirmed the news while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “We’re engaged,” Woodley shared of her then-fiancé. “But this isn’t new news for us, you know? So kinda weird. Everyone freaks out about it and we’re like, ‘Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while.'”

Before their final split, Woodley and Rodgers appeared to be enjoying a long engagement. Five months after confirming she was engaged, Woodley revealed that wedding planning wasn’t a priority just yet. “There’s no wedding planning,” Woodley told Entertainment Tonight when asked about possible updates. “There’s no rush. We’re in no rush.”

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Instead of wedding planning, the different Alum explained that she and the footballer were just enjoying being engaged. It seems like the two never got around to planning their wedding. They ended their relationship back in April, and since then there has been no talk of reconciliation. In fact, Rodgers has reportedly moved away from Woodley with his new girlfriend, Deja Blu.

While Woodley hasn’t spoken publicly about breaking off her engagement, she appears to be doing fine following the breakup. Already in June Failure The actress shared on her Instagram page that she was having the best month ever. She shared a candid selfie and wrote a love letter to the month and all the things that came with it to express her gratitude.

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“To the month of June, if you put the macro-whack world events aside for a minute, you have nurtured this woman’s mind and heart on a micro level,” Woodley wrote. “You gave me oxygen in the form of friends, babies, trees, magic, DANCE, animals, salt, sun, deep conversations, six packs of laughs, availability in the form of tears, PLAY, sunrises, hallway day, stupidity, spontaneity, Flatbread (so much flatbread!), hello and goodbye.” “God I’m thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she finished.

It appears that both Woodley and Rodgers are doing well despite not being engaged anymore. And while they may never have gotten around to wedding planning, they seem to have appreciated the time they’ve spent during the pandemic.

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