Monday, November 29, 2021

Sex on TikTok: Madi Brooks and the rise of #SwingTok

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You may be familiar with the hashtag #SwingTok, which promotes swing culture and has a staggering 735 million viewers

TikToker Brooke Maklin, whose real name is Madi Brooks, recently hit the headlines for her blatant admission of the swing lifestyle. Brooks, who has gained immense popularity on TikTok, announced that she often “shares” her husband with her mother and younger sister. In one of her posts on TikTok, where she calls the handle @ brookemaklin213, she explained that she likes to let her mother sleep with her husband when she doesn’t feel like it. The video showed her and her mom posing for the camera as she admitted they were both swingers just before her husband stormed in and grabbed the mom from behind.

While the viral video baffled and scandalized most viewers, it garnered millions of likes at the same time. Apart from critics and moral policemen, the swing community has found its new paradise on TikTok. If you’re an avid TikTok user, you may know the hashtag #SwingTok which has a staggering viewer base of 735 million. The hashtag is widely used by the #SwingTok influencers, a new brand of ad hoc sex coaches encouraging couples to reconsider the idea of ​​engagement. From Madi Brooks to Krystina Bolin, the swinging community on TikTok thrives under the perfect guise of sex positivity.


The swing culture goes back to the 1950s

For the uninitiated, swingers are couples who engage in sexual activities with other couples, often swapping partners or engaging in group sex. They choose to have an open relationship with their partners and it is highly recommended that you sleep around with others to maintain the marital bond. The culture is believed to be consistent with the idea of ​​polyamorous relationships.

Swing culture is nothing new in America. You may be amazed that the roots of swing stretch back to the 1950s, when California Air Force officers often traded wives. Culture has always continued discreetly in secret clubs and private homes, but the advent of TikTok has catapulted it into mass fashion. However, there is a stark difference between swingers in 2021 and their predecessors. Swingers used to choose to keep their sexual deviation a secret, but now they proudly wear the badge as an expression of their sexual freedom.

Take Madi Brooks, for example. “Me and my mom are both swingers and it’s great, you know why? Because if I’m not in the mood, I can just leave it to my husband, ”revealed Madi Brooks in her viral TikTok video. “Yes, I am such a woman. I’ve left her to my husband a few times a week. “And Brooks admitted that she sometimes let her younger sister” play “with her husband too.” Want to know how I keep my husband happy? I’ll let him play with my little sister, “she said.

Brooks is reportedly a school teacher who has a thriving following on TikTok. In some of her other video clips, she introduces some of her friends from the swinger community. There is no price to be had in guessing how closely Brooks values ​​their friendship in this close-knit community.

Brooks is not alone. Another popular # SwingTok influencer, Krystina Bolin, recently showed up as a swinger and shot to popularity. She and her husband even helped foster a thriving community of swingers on TikTok. Her videos are devoted to the goal of luring others into the swing club while overcoming the judgment of society.

Has the pandemic caused a surge in swing culture?

Lacey and Dan from the Bible Belt are another proud swinger couple who often have sex with single women (so-called although their rising popularity on #SwingTok eventually led to a rift with their family and friends, according to their conversation with The Daily Beast doesn’t stop.

Kylie, aka @sexyswingerchic on TikTok, is a 30-year-old mom from Cleveland, Ohio. She claims to be the first woman to come out on TikTok as a proud swinger. “It feels good to know that I could talk about it and that I am so open. I actually inspired some of the other #swingtok people to post about their lifestyle, too, ”she revealed.

In addition to #SwingTok, the hashtags #SwingerTok or #TikTokSwing are just as popular. Swingers generally use the pineapple gesture – in which they pose with an upside down pineapple – as a code to invite other swingers. The upturned pineapple is now a well-known symbol in the urban dictionary. However, not many swinger couples seek partners through TikTok. Rather, they use the platform to promote their lifestyle and reaffirm why they are not the sexual deviants that society portrays them to be. Swinging is recommended as a paradigm of sexual emancipation on TikTok, and #SwingTok helps the amateurs in the community.

According to Amy C. Moors, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University, the big change in people’s attitudes towards monogamy may have something to do with her being locked at home during the pandemic.

“We’re still looking at the data now, but preliminary data shows that something unique has happened for people who have been in long-term, committed relationships. Part of them decided to open things up. Maybe it’s because they are embracing new media at home, and Netflix has a few shows that are open and neutral about non-monogamy. Maybe that sparked people’s fantasies. Sex toy sales were also at all-time highs during the lockdown, so maybe it inspired people to just do new things with inanimate objects like, ‘Hey, let’s think about what sex would be like with someone else,’ “shared Moors with.

Despite its growing popularity and acceptance, not all #SwingTok followers can be proud of their sexual activities. Many continue to remain silent about their swing given the red eyes of society, which also includes community representatives such as landlords and neighbors or colleagues in a professional environment.

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