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Sex and the City: Bunny MacDougal’s most iconic moments

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Sex and the City had no shortage of beloved characters. The famous HBO series also had many hated characters. While Bunny MacDougal, the mother of Charlotte York’s first husband, is largely despised by fans of the series, few viewers can dispute that Bunny had some truly iconic lines. We’ve collected three of her best moments.

Bunny MacDougal had unique ideas about what was appropriate and what was inappropriate. The matriarch of the MacDougal family had no problem hiring a minister with a drinking problem, and she oddly understood when Charlotte kissed the family gardener while she was married to Trey MacDougal. However, Bunny had serious problems going without a dust ruffle.

When Trey and Charlotte decided to find a new bed to suit their needs, Bunny came along to help. After pointing out the “perfect” dust ruffle, Charlotte was upset and told Bunny that most new beds no longer needed a dust ruffle. The Connecticut native had none of it. She said to Charlotte: “My dear child, you cannot have a ruff. It’s unsightly.”

Bunny MacDougal’s position in the MacDougal family was incredibly important to her. So important that she never missed an opportunity to remind Charlotte of her importance in Trey’s life. To be fair, Charlotte made it pretty easy. As haughty and decent as Bunny, Charlotte’s goal was often to stake her claim on Trey. The fact that Bunny didn’t have it made for some epic moments between Bunny and Charlotte, including this moment in season 4.

In the season 4 episode “Ghost Town,” Charlotte convinces Trey to redecorate her apartment, but when he decided to tell his mother about the plan, he thwarted the plan and caught a cold. Trey MacDougal and his highly comfortable laryngitis throw Bunny and Charlotte into another territorial dispute.

To remind Charlotte how important she was, Bunny spelled it out loud and clear. She said to her daughter-in-law, “I’ve been in this house a lot longer than you, my dear. And unlike you, I never left. Believe me, the bait may come and go, but I’ll be here forever.”

Bunny MacDougal’s pushy nature wasn’t saturated when Charlotte and Trey finally decided to break up for good. Although the decision was mostly his, Bunny was sure that Trey had done wrong. She set about making Charlotte pay and, perhaps more importantly, vacating the Park Avenue address she and Trey once called home.

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In the Season 5 episode “Plus One is the Loneliest Number,” Charlotte learns that Bunny is spying on her when her ex-mother-in-law shows up unannounced at the apartment. Bunny never missed an opportunity to eviscerate Charlotte with words as politely as possible, and this interaction was no different. To prove she had eyes everywhere disapproving of Charlotte’s decision so far, Bunny said, “Mrs. Pierce said a gentleman… we assume it was the same one, but who knows… came home with you last night and according to the bouncer… he hasn’t left yet.” i

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