Sunday, June 26, 2022

Serena Williams’ dad Richard is suing ex-wife Lakeisha for $1million despite ‘seething sex life’

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Lakeisha revealed in court documents that she rekindled her sex life with Richard Williams and that the parties have “reconciled” since the lawsuit was filed

Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams has slammed his ex-wife Lakeisha Williams with a $1 million lawsuit. Richard, whose life inspired the Will Smith biographical film King Richard, had a tumultuous relationship with Lakeisha. He has always blamed his ex-wife for losing her maternal home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The allegations and drama surrounding this 4 bed villa has been quite over the top. Richard alleged in court documents that Lakeisha rescheduled the house by forging his signatures. He then reveals that she gave up the place for only $10!

According to the lawsuit filed in the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Florida, Richard wants the money from the real estate sale to go directly to him. This transaction would also include legal fees that Lakeisha would have to pay. The couple has now been at war for almost 6 years and their divorce has only sparked more lawsuits. Richard’s attorney Thomas Gruseck states in the court documents that “by virtue of her improper actions set forth above, defendant Lakeisha Williams is one hundred percent guilty of the encumbrance that reduces the net value of plaintiff’s affected property as a result of her power of mortgage in favor of David Simon.” “


Was Lakeisha Graham bad with money?

He continues: “The plaintiff has engaged undersigned counsel to pursue this claim and has promised to pay him a reasonable fee for his services. However, the plaintiff should not have to bear the costs of undoing the consequences of the wrongful conduct of the defendant, and attorneys’ fees and costs are part of a common law right to compensation. Judgment was to be in favor of plaintiff against defendant Lakeisha Williams for the full amount required to repay the mortgage in favor of defendant David Simon, trustee. The amount Lakeisha owes Simon is $517,000. Now Richard says that instead of paying Simon, she must first pay him with legal fees, which could easily top the $1 million mark.

After the house rescheduled, Lakeisha Graham took out a $279,000 loan from a tough lender named David Simon. However, she squandered the money on a failed truck deal and the interest kept piling up. Fast forward when she lost a lawsuit against David Simon, the hard lender demanded his money back with the interest. The property was scheduled for auction on February 18, but Lakeisha filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and delayed the sale for a while. The controversial property consists of just one floor with four bedrooms and five bathrooms and spreads over 4,160 square feet.

Just a month ago, Lakeisha revealed in court documents that she had rekindled her sex life with Richard and it was “brutal” even though the American trainer, 80, had had two strokes and also had symptoms of pre-dementia. Lakeisha’s attorney mentioned in the papers, “The wife believes the parties have reconciled and have had an active married life, including regular weekly sexual relations, including but not limited to January 9, 2022, the night prior to the filing of this application.” Richard currently lives with his daughter Serena in a single story property which she repurchased in June 2015.

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