Friday, January 20, 2023

Serena Pitt reveals if she wants a hyphenated last name

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Bachelor in Paradise star Serena Pitt wants to take her husband’s last name, but has a creative idea to add her own.

Speaking to Chelsea Vaughn about Vaughn’s Vaughnerable podcast, Serena Pitt revealed that she’s not sure if she wants a hyphenated name, but she’d like to change the Pitt surname to a middle name because she wasn’t given one was from her family.

Vaughn shared a video of the conversation on TikTok.

Pitt and Joe Amabile got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise season 7 and then had a court wedding, according to an Instagram video she posted. Her casual wedding attire got some fans talking.

Here’s what you need to know:

Pitt told Vaugnn, “It really wouldn’t upset me never to change my last name. I don’t think taking his name marries me any more. However, I want me, my husband and our children to all have the same last name.”

Vaughn asked if Pitt would hyphenate her last name to Pitt-Amabile. she replied

Which led to this solution: “I grew up with no middle name, just Serena Pitt. That’s really all there is to it. So I’d like to give myself the middle name Pitt so I could still be Serena Pitt and then take Joe’s last name, Amabile,” she told Vaughn in the video.

Pitt revealed to the world that she and Amabile were married in October 2022 when she shared a video of her courthouse wedding on her Instagram page. According to People Magazine, the wedding took place in a courthouse in New York City.

“JUST MARRIED !!” It is reading. “We have another wedding this September, but who doesn’t want to get married twice!”

She also shared a 2020 throwback video on her Instagram page that included scenes from the wedding.

In November 2022, she shared a photo of the couple on Instagram and wrote, “1 week as your wife.”

She shared many other photos with Amabile on her Instagram page throughout the year.

On the Click Bait podcast, Pitt admitted she cried in the courthouse during the wedding. According to Pitt’s courthouse wedding Instagram post, the couple are planning a wedding in September 2023.

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