Thursday, September 22, 2022

Selling The OC: Who is Alexandra Jarvis? Meet the real estate agent who applied her legal skills to a real estate career

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Before focusing on luxury real estate, Alexandra Jarvis worked as a lawyer, just like her new boss, Jason

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: New Selling Sunset spin-off, Selling The OC, will debut in August 2022, and broker Alexandra Jarvis will join the team at the new Oppenheim Group office. Read on to learn all about the results-driven businesswoman.

Tyler Stanaland, Kayla Cardona, Sean Palmieri, Polly Brindle, Lauren Brito, Gio Helou, Brandi Marshall, Alex Hall, Austin Victoria and Sean Palmieri join Alexandra in the new cast. Also appearing throughout the season will be the brothers and owners of brokerage firm The Oppenheim Group. Fans of the original series first heard about Selling The OC in late 2021 when the first spin-off, Selling Tampa, debuted on Netflix. Despite this, the trailer for Selling The OC wasn’t unveiled until early May during the Season 5 reunion of Selling Sunset. The teaser showed more conflict between the real estate agents than fans have ever seen at the Los Angeles branch. Selling The OC already captivates viewers with the inclusion of male agents.


Who is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra has donned various hats throughout her career. Alexandra writes in her Instagram bio that she is a realtor, lawyer and model. Alexandra still models and works in real estate as a real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group, although it is unknown if she is still a practicing lawyer. The ‘Selling The OC’ actress received her bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Spanish and International Business, according to her biography on the Oppenheim Group website. Alexandra eventually attended and graduated from UC Irvine School of Legal, where she was able to negotiate business and employment law matters in a Newport Beach law firm.

As a professional lawyer, Alexandra has developed a wide range of skills including problem solving, negotiation and advocacy for clients. After years of working as a lawyer, Alexandra decided to make the transition to the real estate industry, combining her legal knowledge with her charming personality. After her first year as a realtor in Orange County, the “Selling The OC” performer rose to the top of the city’s market, grossing around $40 million. Fans can see Alexandra cooking up nutritious meals with her fiancé, Sergio Ducoulombier, and taking long walks along the OC shoreline when she’s not fully concentrating on her clientele. At least that’s what their social media posts suggest.

Alexandra Jarvis’s time as a lawyer is shared with her new boss Jason, who also had a legal career before pursuing luxury real estate. Due to their similar legal backgrounds, the two became close immediately, which led to her getting a job with the Oppenheim Group. She then hooked up with another realtor, Alexandra Rose, and in Jarvis’ words, the couple are “a force to be reckoned with.” Alexandra also has a friendship with Chelsea Lazkani, the newest agent on Selling Sunset. Should Christine be jealous?

The eight-episode series will premiere on Netflix on August 24, 2022. In the meantime, you can watch the “Selling Sunset” season 4 finale, in which several of the new “Selling the OC” cast members arrived at The Oppenheim Group’s Labor Party.

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