Thursday, May 5, 2022

Selling Sunset Season 5: Mary takes over as Chrishell and Christine’s feud intensifies

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The conflict between Chrishell and Christine at the Oppenheim office intensifies when Jason passes the baton to Mary

In the exciting fifth season, fans of the Netflix blockbuster show will see Mary in action as Vice President, but it doesn’t seem to be all fun and games. Jason Oppenheim spends a lot of time down in the OC office while someone has to keep his OG office tidy, and Mary is honored and pleased that he has entrusted her with the task. However, she must also struggle to maintain control of some of the individuals who are difficult to control. The supposedly nerve-wracking work might even be a lot of fun at the moment. All of the girls are, for the most part, exceedingly polite and eager for Mary to take this new job.

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald has been appointed to fill the new executive position at The Oppenheim Group, where she will be responsible for maintaining control of some of the toughest people in the dramatic workforce.

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Where are Christine and Chrishell now?

Even though Mary wishes everyone to start over, it takes a lot of effort to do so. The constant conflict between Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn makes working at the office difficult. Christine points out in a scene from the Season 5 trailer that Chrishell only gets more entries because she’s the f**king boss Jason. With so much animosity in the office, things can’t be as easy as Mary would like. It’s especially difficult for her as she has to put aside her friendships and personal feelings while she’s in the office and focus on what’s best for the brokerage business and how to solve problems. Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald initially had a strong friendship, but it wasn’t long before they couldn’t agree on anything.

Although her ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim went public with girlfriend Chrishell Stause on the final season of “Selling Sunset,” Mary Fitzgerald is over the moon for the new couple. The reality star admitted to her co-stars that Jason was in a better position to “commit” now that she started dating him. In terms of the workplace, Mary believes the relationship will not affect the Oppenheim group where both Jason and Chrishell work. The allusion to this relationship could also indicate that the baton of “preference to Mary” was passed to someone else. There have already been allegations that Jason made more offers to Mary because of her past, which the Oppenheim founder has denied.

From buddies to barely polite. After the seemingly cordial relationship between Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause imploded in front of the cameras, the formerly friendly colleagues were thrust into an emotional roller coaster of drama that only increased as the show wore on. While they’re no longer friends to meet up for cocktails after filming, they now share an office at The Oppenheim Group and try to work together. After hearing many dubious statements behind Christine’s back in season 4, Chrishell has kept her distance from her in this new season.

Chrishell addressed the media about why she refused to film with Christine after Season 4 aired, explaining that her nemesis made some pretty defamatory statements against her in an interview. She also revealed that she is considering filing a lawsuit against Christine. While Chrishell is dating Jason in the current season, Christine is shown beating up the couple and explains that she doesn’t know if their love is real. Christine has made several scathing remarks about Chrishell over the years.

Season 5 of Selling Sunset premieres on Netflix on Friday, April 22, 2022.

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