Saturday, August 6, 2022

SEE IT: Controversy erupts after Joe Gorga shared new photos of his daughter

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A new photo shared by Joe Gorga of his daughter Antonia Gorga is causing controversy on social media.

The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star uploaded some pictures of Antonia, 16, on a Sea-Doo personal watercraft during a day on the water. The teenager gave her father the peace sign in one photo and in the other two shots she’s reclining with her legs on the bars as she basks in the sun.

“My little girl,” Gorga captioned the post on July 24, 2022. And while Antonia seemed to get a kick out of the post — she commented “hahahahahha” — other people weren’t as smitten with the photos. Several people took to the post’s comments section to slam Gorga for saying posting such pictures of his daughter was “inappropriate.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Antonia wore a life jacket over her bathing suit and didn’t seem to show too much skin, but her pose on the Sea-Doo made some “Real Housewives” fans uncomfortable, with many calling the shots “creepy.”

“With . How old is she . That’s weird,” read one comment.

“Yes I would have picked more father daughter pics, these aren’t particularly tasteful,” wrote another.

“Joe love you bro but no to these sexy photos of your daughter,” added a third Instagram user.

“Kind of weird she poses for her dad like that,” read a fourth comment.

“You’re better than that… Don’t sexualize your own child,” reiterated another person.

There were other people who saw nothing wrong with the photos and commended Joe for being a good person – and a good father.

“She looks good and tasteful, which is wrong with the picture and a father expressing his affection for his daughter. I mean for the sake of the gas she has a life jacket to cover her, not serious!!! @joeygorga stay that dad,” one commented.

“Pretty like her mom,” wrote another Instagram user.

“Wow, some of you are twisted [sic] Celebration. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your little girl. She is smart, talented and beautiful. He’s proud of her. Please go elsewhere if you feel this is not okay,” a third person suggested.

As Antonia has gotten older, she hasn’t shown too much interest in being on reality TV with her parents, but she has started posting collaborations with various companies on Instagram. For example, she is an ambassador for the Windsor Store and has been known to share some of the outfits she gets from the company.

In addition, Antonia shares some photos of herself and some of these images are aroused by the fans. However, most people point out how much she resembles her mother. Other people suspect Joe is in trouble because his daughter is a looker.

The comments on a post she uploaded on July 5, 2022 reflect exactly that.

“I said it once, I’ll say it again Joe Gorga, you’ve got your hands full! She is absolutely stunning,” read one comment.

“Your poor father LOL! You look beautiful! Give your mom so many favors,” added another person.

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