Saturday, September 24, 2022

‘Secret Lives of College Escort’ Review: Pilot Paisley Rose perfects her character in the mystery thriller film

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With a well-written storyline and heartwarming performances, this Lifetime film is about how good always triumphs over evil

You know that feeling when something isn’t right but you can’t point your finger at what it really is? You feel annoyed and restless. This is primarily the plot of Lifetime’s Secret Lives of College Escort. There are some surprising elements in this film that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

If you are a fan of good thriller movies then you should definitely check out The Art of Passion and Sister With A Secret also by Lifetime.


As for Secret Lives of College Escort, it focuses on Eve (pilot Paisley Rose), who is in her late teens and has recently had a traumatic experience, and for similar reasons, the straight straight A-student has lost her scholarship. However, she sees a glimmer of hope when she takes up a job opportunity, though she thinks it’s a fundraising company run by her Ambition, Carla (Laurie Fortier). We soon learn that the fundraiser is just a front and that the God-sent angel Carla is not who Eve thinks she is. Slowly, Eve unravels the truth as she gives in to clearing up any doubts she’s had.

As I said before, Lifetime is quite successful at telling intriguing stories, and Secret Lives of College Escort is a worthy addition to this remarkable list. Although the film’s title is a great giveaway, it still leaves you stuck with some really captivating scenes. Directed by Ashley Jones, the film’s crisp writing keeps you glued to the screens and certainly makes you nervous and emotional in light of the consistently horrific things happening with Eve. The story build is truly amazing along with the extravagant set decorations. Lifetime movies are known for high-energy storytelling and suspense, and this film is no different.

When it comes to acting, pilot Paisley Rose got it right on Secret Lives of College Escort. It really underscores the fact that we have many underappreciated players in the industry who have yet to be discovered and who are getting the proper recognition they deserve. Her character, Eve, is a shy, innocent college girl who doesn’t want to burden her mother (Alex McKenna) with the expenses of her college and handle them on her own. We also see a sense of righteousness in Eve that makes her character even more appealing and tends to make audiences feel sympathy towards her. However, the story is also about true friendship, how a loyal friend can turn the world upside down when something happens to their friend. It would honestly be advisable to watch it with your best mate to get the right feel. Meanwhile, Laurie Fortier as the villain, Carla and Alex McKenna as Eve’s mother did exceptionally well in their roles. They can almost be described as the metaphorical angel and devil on Eve’s shoulders.

DJames Jones, Chasty Ballesteros and Briana Cuoco did a commendable job in supporting roles and made Rose’s character even stronger.

The Secret Lives of College Escort is an engrossing crime thriller with a good script, great actors and a warm ending that really makes you feel like the good will always triumph over the bad or bad in life.

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