Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sean Lowe stuns fans with ‘deleted footage’ for ‘Bachelor’ big anniversary

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“The Bachelor” star Sean Lowe found love during its season when it aired in 2013, and all these years later he has a wife and three kids to show for it. In a recent Instagram post, he shared a video showing his first interactions with then-candidate Catherine Giudici, noting that it marked a significant anniversary of that first meeting. He announced he had “deleted footage” to share, and his fans certainly got a kick out of it.

Here’s what you need to know:

On September 15, the former “Bachelor” star shared a funny caption and video on her Instagram page. “It’s been 10 years since I met the love of my life!” he noted in the caption of his post. “Finally found the deleted footage that contains our thoughts. Very accurate,” he added. The video showed Giudici exiting the limousine on the first night of filming in 2012, along with her first interactions with Lowe. What Lowe shared differently compared to the original broadcast was that he added text bubbles to reveal his take on what the two were thinking in those first few seconds of their relationship.

Lowe’s attitude suggested Giudici was genuinely nervous and telling himself not to say anything stupid. He thought to himself: “Open your eyes. You idiot,” as they shared their first hug. In addition, she is said to have thought that she wanted to “climb him like a tree”. Lowe’s next “thought” was “that brown sugar is sweet” and hers was “I want his babies!” During this introduction, Giudici shrugged and told Lowe that she thought he was an Adonis, and his thought bubble remarked, ” That shimmy was kinda hot.” As the two hugged goodbye, Lowe joked, thinking to himself, “She’s weird and I dig it.”

The Bachelor fans got a kick out of Lowe’s Instagram post, with many noting that they couldn’t believe it had been 10 years since the two first met.

“I can’t believe it’s been ten years, you and Catherine [are] my favorite bachelorette couple,” explained one fan.

“By no means has it been 10 years since I watched this episode,” wrote one slightly confused supporter.

“That smile! How could she not blow your mind!! So cute!!!!” added another fan.

“I knew it from the moment she was the one! You guys were my favorite!” gushed another.

Several “Bachelor” fans suggested that the show was very different back then, signaling they thought it was more about love than recent seasons. Season 27, set to debut in January 2023, will begin filming soon, and fans can look forward to another enduring love story. However, Lowe remains the only “Bachelor” star to have married his last rose recipient.

“You should have just quit the ‘Bachelor’ franchise after your season and finished with the highest grade. It will never reach that sweetness and authenticity again,” wrote another fan.

Lowe and Giudici married in January 2014, ABC News noted, a year after their “Bachelor” season aired. They live in Dallas, Texas where his extended family lives and they raise their children Samuel, Isaiah and Mia together. Although they first met a decade ago, they remain a fan favorite couple within Bachelor Nation, and it was easy to see in the comments section of his celebratory Instagram post.

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