Sunday, November 27, 2022

‘Schitt’s Creek’: Annie Murphy Reveals There’s a Longer Version of ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ Played in Clubs

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Annie Murphy may not be a Lamborghini, but her role in Schott’s Creek certainly made her a Hollywood star. For six seasons, she portrayed Alexis Rose on the popular Canadian TV show. Her performance last season even earned her an Emmy. And while Murphy has many memorable moments throughout the series, her performance of “A Little Bit Alexis” clearly stands out.

Schott’s Creek Fans will recall that Murphy performed A Little Bit Alexis in Season 5 of the show. In an episode titled “The Hospies,” Alexis auditioned for a role in the city’s production of cabaret. Although Moira tries her best to keep her daughter from trying to get the lead, Jocelyn encourages the confident Alexis to audition. The former socialite then gives a disastrous performance of “A Little Bit Alexis,” the title track of her limited reality series of the same name.

Murphy was actually more involved in A Little Bit Alexis than fans might realize. In addition to performing the song, she also wrote the lyrics for the tune. According to the actor, she asked SChitts Creek co-creator and showrunner Dan Levy to let her write the song. When he agreed, she worked with two of her best friends who are musicians to build other elements of the song.

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“Even though we knew it had to be a parody and not very good, secretly we all wanted to write a smash of a song,” Murphy admitted to Variety. “I wrote the lyrics, and then the other two did the bleeps and bloops and put together the melody. I sent it to Dan and waited and waited and waited and he texted back, ‘I’m obsessed.’ We ended up recording the whole song. It is now played in clubs. It’s crazy.”

While Murphy just performs a little bit of “A Little Bit Alexis”. Schott’s Creek, the full version of the tune is actually over three minutes long. In the full version, Alexis describes himself as everything from a “Prada handbag” to a “sassy elf”. Meanwhile, the beat has enough bass to feel right at home in the middle of a crowded club.

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Murphy clearly had fun creating and filming A Little Bit Alexis. The actress particularly enjoyed the experience because she felt no pressure to be good. She has since performed a remixed version of the tune The Kelly Clarkson Show. Clarkson himself joined in, calling himself “a little bit of Texas.” It certainly seems that the time and energy Murphy put into the humorous song paid off.

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