Thursday, December 22, 2022

‘Schitt’s Creek’: Annie Murphy revealed how Dan Levy hid his laughter during filming

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There’s no shortage of laugh-out-loud moments throughout the six seasons of Schott’s Creek. The colorful characters and offbeat situations make for a flawless comedy. But it seems the Emmy-winning show’s production was often just as fun as it is for viewers to watch. In fact, Annie Murphy and Dan Levy were still working overtime to hide their giggles until the show was over. This was especially true when they were in scenes with Catherine O’Hara.

in the Schott’s Creek, O’Hara portrayed the Rose matriarch Moira. With her impressive vocabulary, over-the-top antics, accent, wardrobe, and flair for the dramatic, Moira is a source of constant laughs. But while audiences, or even some characters, could have small reactions to Moira’s quips, Levy and Murphy were often tasked with being honest. After all, they were portraying Moira’s children, David and Alexis, and were thus used to their behavior. Most often, the actors pretended to be annoyed with their theatrical mother.

While their characters may have been unamused, Murphy and Levy were anything but. The actors were often awestruck to watch Home alone perform alum. Speaking to Variety, Murphy spoke candidly about what it was like working with O’Hara Schott’s Creek. “There are times when Catherine just bursts into tears,” Murphy explained. “Even so, after six seasons, Dan and I absolutely suck at keeping it together because when she leaves, it’s amazing.”

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In fact, O’Hara is so funny that both Levy and Murphy had to find ways to hide their laughter during filming. However, Murphy admits that Levy has something to say when he tries to hide his laughter. “We’ve gotten better at covering it up,” Murphy admitted. “With Dan, if you look closely, you can see a lot of hands in front of his mouth.”

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Murphy continued, saying she constantly wanted to grab some popcorn and watch O’Hara work. She also explained how good it feels to constantly fight the giggles. “It’s such a wonderful feeling – maybe not for them [Schitt’s Creek] Crew – not being able to suppress a laugh as you watch something so incredible happen in front of you.

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Of course, the cast Schott’s Creek had a lot of fun filming the show. That fun is probably palpable to those who have watched the show year after year.

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