Monday, June 27, 2022

Scandal-hit Hunter Biden may be POTUS’ closest adviser, and that’s worrying, insiders say

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Hunter reportedly sits at the dinner table with his father, discussing the intricacies of Ukraine politics and other matters of state

President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced his intention to appoint at least six senior individuals as key figures in his administration. But a new revelation from an unnamed source that the president’s closest aide is actually his scandal-hit son, Hunter Biden, has many people concerned.

According to a New York Post report, the “smartest man” Joe Biden knows is Hunter. The report alleges that Hunter, on his regular weekend visits to Delaware or Camp David, sits at the dinner table with his father to discuss the intricacies of Ukraine politics and other matters of state.

Not only that. Hunter has also – on several occasions – boasted about the political influence he exerts over his father. “He’s going to talk about drug reform and anything else I want him to do [Joe Biden] thinks I’m a god,” Hunter said in a previously unreleased voice recording from an iPhone backup on his abandoned laptop, the report said. The audio file, recorded December 3, 2018 in Newburyport, Mass., was allegedly obtained by the NY Post from the nonprofit research group Marco Polo.

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He also allegedly boasted to his former business partner Tony Bobulinski at the pool at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood in April 2017 that he had his father’s ear and made him do what he wanted, bypassing his gatekeepers and going right with him spoke to him.

In the 2018 audio clip, Hunter can also be heard telling Phillipa Horan, a British artist, that his father (Biden) “respects me more than anyone in the world.” Hunter met Horan at a dinner in LA in mid-2018 through his girlfriend Zoe Kestan, a lingerie designer known online as “Weed Slut 420” who appeared before the Delaware grand jury in February.

“If I say that’s important to me, then he’ll work to make it a part of his platform… My dad respects me more than anyone in the world, and I know to be sure, so it won’t.” it’s about whether it influences his politics.”

Hunter also brags about how he plans to capitalize on the notoriety “when my dad becomes president. . .

“I’ve been on the front page of every damn newspaper, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times

“I think this is an opportunity to say the things and show the things and reveal the things through this project that we want to reveal. . . because you will have attention.

“I found out if you’re going to be as involved in politics as I am, which is choosing to engage with my father in this life because I believe in what he’s doing. . . then one of your duties is to use that platform intentionally and not allow the platform to sit on you.”

In the audio clip, Horan Hunter reportedly asks personal questions about his addiction and family for a planned art project. Describing the project to another friend, Hunter previously texted: “We’ve been collaborating on a work of art for the last four months as there is no better term. . . I had an idea for a book, a series of books, a zine, it was a pretty loose concept with a very focused intent. . . about the universal truth of our . . . need to be, stay, feel, desire, achieve connection. . . through words, written, spoken, felt across and through a variety of mediums.”

In May of this year, a New York Times report claimed that Hunter reached out to Kevin Morris, a wealthy entertainment lawyer, who helped him pay off $2 million in back taxes.
Morris, known to close friends as Hunter’s “sugar brother,” also helps him maintain a great lifestyle — he’s reportedly looking after Hunter’s $20,000 Malibu rent and also advising him on structuring his art sales.

Morris is also representing Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, and people are now wondering if Hunter had a role to play in starring the actor on the White House podium this week to secure gun control in the wake of the Uvalde school massacre support financially.

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