Monday, November 28, 2022

Savannah Chrisley defends parents after 19-year sentence as her adopted daughter is ‘suicidal’

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A federal jury found Todd and Julie Chrisley guilty of bank fraud, and now the family are claiming the verdict left the couple’s 10-year-old adopted daughter “suicidal”.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: One of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s older children took to social media to defend her parents’ actions while asking a judge not to send her behind bars over her “suicidal” 10-year-old daughter on Monday . 21st November. The famous TV personality duo have been sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison after being found guilty of tax evasion and fraud.

Prosecutors told how the couple “cheated” banks out of $30 million by claiming to be real estate magnates while living a luxurious lifestyle. Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison and Julie to 7 years in prison. At the very last moment, they pleaded with the judge that their 10-year-old adopted daughter, Chloe, “doesn’t want to live if her mother goes away.” Her attorney, Bruce Morris, confirmed that they had decided to appeal the verdicts.


On Monday, the couple’s 25-year-old daughter Savannah took to Instagram to defend her. A quote from Twitter pastor Kimberly Jones was posted by her, which read: “Noah didn’t stop building the ark to explain himself to all who doubted and hated him. Keep building your ark. The rain will speak for itself.” She made a frequent appearance on the family’s NBC show Chrisley Knows Best, which has now been canceled along with the rest of her projects.

Lindsie Chrisley, who is estranged from her dad, recently confirmed herself to him, posting a photo with her friends who went to her house to support her with a “bottle of champagne”. Todd and Julie’s three sons – Kyle, 31, Chase, 26, and Grayson, 16 – have not commented on their verdicts.

The couple has yet to publicly comment on their conviction. They denied all allegations brought to them, citing a disgruntled employee for all the wrongdoing. The clerk told the court that he and Todd had developed a sexual affair before they were caught.

“The Chrisleys have built an empire based on the lie that their wealth comes from dedication and hard work,” prosecutor Annalize Peters said, according to the Daily Mail. “The jury’s unanimous verdict sets the record straight – Todd and Julie Chrisley are career scammers who have made a living jumping from one scam scheme to another, lying to banks, lying to salespeople and dodging taxes at every turn.”

Todd and Julie live in Nashville, Tennessee in a $3.4 million home. They were charged in Georgia, where they also own property. The controversial duo have appeared on multiple reality TV shows and spin-offs since 2014. They filed for bankruptcy before the show in 2014, citing $50 million in debt. They moved from their Georgia home to a much smaller property in Nashville, where much of the show was filmed.

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