Saturday, June 25, 2022

Sasaeng claims that EXO’s Sehun regularly visits sex parlors, fans say they don’t trust anything Soyong says.

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EXO-Ls claim that YouTuber Soong has long been an anti who is now trying to gain fame by fabricating baseless rumors about Sehun, EXO’s Chanyeol

K-pop group EXO may be on hiatus from being promoted as idols as its members are absent due to their mandatory military recruitment, but the group is never free of scandal. Be it because of the mistreatment of Maknae Sehun or be it a biker/YouTuber who has accused EXO’s Chanyeol of street rage over the past few months, it seems like the drama is also taking its toll on members of the EXO-SC sub-unit follow.

While Park Chanyeol is currently fulfilling his duties to his country, the boy band member is never free from scandals and in his absence they have started embroiling even the youngest member Oh Sehun in scandalous controversy. A longtime sasaeng posing as a YouTuber has long wreaked havoc in the K-pop world. Their newest targets are Sehun and Chanyeol from EXO.


Sasaeng reveals to Sehun that he frequents room salons

In a video released on June 14, YouTuber – 【Taldeok Concentration Camp】Soyong posted a video that immediately went viral on K-pop Twitter, in which she accused the youngest EXO member of visiting saloons that double as hostess bars or sex parlors are known. In a recent video, YouTuber Sojang, known for debunking idols over unsubstantiated rumors, explained that EXO’s Sehun has been embroiled in a new controversy over the past week for visiting sex parlors.

Soyong claims an online community post on June 6 exposed a male idol from a currently popular boy group who was caught visiting salons or hostess bars in South Korea’s Gangnam region. For the uninitiated, room salon is a Korean term to describe bars with private rooms for hostesses to entertain customers and are often fronts for prostitution. The entire 1 minute, 43 second video was based on user comments online with no strong evidence that the male idol was really involved in such a controversy.

This issue has now led many fans of the boy band to slam the YouTuber for slandering Sehun and Chanyeol’s reputation as the latter is currently conscripted into the military while the maknae, Sehun, is too busy working to bother to participate in such controversies. One fan said: “I don’t believe a damn thing from Soyong. If a verified news source is actually leaking something, then yes. But all Soyong does is twist and say whatever she wants, and if you say something, she deletes your comment. Let’s not forget that she’s a grown woman in her 40s obsessed with writing hate posts about young girls and stuff.” One fan said, “Sojang is a nut, get your info elsewhere.”

Another fan claimed: “Isn’t she the one who said she got pregnant by a male idol? I think she claimed that a company asked her to stop spreading false information, but in return she asked that the company let her date one of her male idols and the company agreed. like what lmfao.” One fan said, “I wouldn’t believe anything that comes from Soong, even if it’s about the ones I don’t like.”

One fan said: “Sojang is not an insider or a big media outlet like tmz – not even allkpop level lol, she’s an idol anti who constantly posts theories and hate posts about idols on forums, she’s been a huge anti on twitter the Shit on her channel is made up.” One fan said, “Okay @SMTOWNGLOBAL you better sue her.” One fan said, “You all must be bored.” One fan joked, “They think Sehun is paying to have sex with… Having WOMEN?” Another fan said, “Wait, the YouTuber spreading countless unsubstantiated rumors about idols is a woman???? She must be feeling a lot of jealousy, especially towards ggs, because some of these videos are too cruel .”

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