Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘Santa Clauses’ Chapter 2 Summary: Scott Calvin visits Charlie, needs follow-up for ‘The Secessus Clause’

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There is Santa Claus, Mrs Clause and the Escape Clause. If Scott Calvin wants to retire, all he has to do is issue the Secessus Clause. Here’s our roundup of Disney+ The Santas Episode 2 entitled “The Secessus Clause”.

It’s a Code Sprinkle, everyone. Despite Mrs Claus’s initial reaction to the adorable codename, that’s a horrible thing – it means Santa is downstairs. After he falls off a roof, the elves at the North Pole panic. Head Elf Betty and Mrs. Claus rummage through a cupcake to find Santa’s original card with instructions. There’s Santa Claus. The woman clause. The Escape Clause.

Thanks to a magical scream from Noel, Santa Claus wakes up. After returning to the North Pole, Betty has him look at the business causes, including a new one titled “Secessus”. This is a form of retirement Scott is contemplating with Carol. She’s ready for something new, ready to let her hair down.

Santa doesn’t want to leave the magic of the North Pole, so he brings Betty a new idea – what if one of his children is the successor to the Secessus Clause? In particular Charlie, who has already expressed an interest in the “family business”.

Meanwhile, at EverythingNow, Grace and her father have a solution to fix everything with their delivery system – now. Simon’s drones promise to ship to customers in 60 minutes or less. However, after a failed demonstration, Simon is officially fired.

Scott visits Charlie in Florida. After drinking lemonade (without the lemons and with added sugar), this character mentions the potential Santa & Sons deal. Unfortunately, Charlie cannot accept. Charlie doesn’t want to raise kids at the North Pole.

Betty even acknowledged that kids growing up at the North Pole are… weird. Scott then takes his son Cal on a sleigh ride. There, Cal confesses that he has vivid dreams about being Santa Claus. After a crash landing, however, he made it clear that he didn’t want the job.

Back in the workshop, Noel had had enough of the secrecy. He demands Betty to tell him what’s going on and she does. He suggests making a duplicate of Santa, but that didn’t go well last time (ie santa claus 2).

Betty pulls out a relic from Bernard at the last minute that reflects the Christmas spirit. Now it has a similar hole as in the 14th century when there was a “mad Santa Claus”. Santa decides to check on the Snowglobe Depository, which offers a glimpse into the normal world.

He is surprised to find his children there – both interested in normal people. Cal even shows his dad his VR game — where he mows a lawn and walks to a post office in Topeka, Kansas. Scott calls a family reunion.

He decides that retirement is best for his kids, his wife, and Christmas. Noel is upset, but after speaking to the other elves, he officially relinquishes the red cloak. As a result, the EverythingNow creator, who is currently Googling Santa Claus with his daughter, has been officially called to the North Pole.

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