Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Salt Bae: Internet shocked at diner’s alleged £ 37,000 bill

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Salt Bae’s London restaurant has only been open for a few weeks, and there is already a lot of buzz around the luxurious steakhouse and its expensive menu.

Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, owns a chain of luxury steak houses called Nusr-Et. Already established in Dubai, New York and Mykonos, the Turkish chef’s London location is his latest project.

Several people have shared pictures of stunning receipts that supposedly came from Nusr-Et, but the latest receipt that went viral has taken the cost of dining in the restaurant to new heights.

A picture of a receipt posted on Reddit, which has since been removed from the r / London sub-reddit, claims to showcase the sky-high price of food at Nusr-Et London.

The receipt apparently shows that a table of four brought in a shocking bill of £ 37,000 which included a service charge of £ 4,800. Incredibly, over 30,000 pounds of the tab went for five bottles of wine.

Guests sipped two bottles of Petrus 2003, which, if the receipts are to be believed, cost £ 9,950 each. They also drank a bottle of Petrus in 1996 for £ 9,100.

The two bottles of Dom Pérignon Rosé at £ 810 per bottle were relatively more price-conscious.

The rest of the bill apparently went for food and soft drinks, with the receipt showing the foursome spent £ 850 on a gold tomahawk, £ 18 on asparagus, £ 50 a piece on gold baklava and £ 11 on a Red Bull.

In a comment on the Reddit thread, one user wrote that posting receipts from this restaurant is “the latest social media flex.”

Another wrote: “You spent £ 30,000 of the £ 37,000 bill on Peter. This is not the restaurant that is ‘expensive’, but that you buy crazy expensive wine. “

This is just the latest receipt to stun the internet. After opening last month, a £ 1,800 bill made the rounds on twitter.

The chef’s methods also have TikTok. divided after pouring melted butter on a raw steak over a hot plate.

Since opening, the restaurant has welcomed celebrities like TV queen Gemma Collins. After indulging in a luscious pound 1,450 gold tomahawk steak, Collins felt “bad” because “people of the world are starving.” To ease the guilt Collins donated four bags of bras to charity.

Keep talking The Gemma Collins Podcast, despite the guilt, she said she still spent money to meet him and said it was “a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

The cook served before Donald Trump Jr., DJ Khaled, Leonardo DiCaprio, Conor McGregor, P. Diddy and David Beckham in his other restaurants around the world.

You are welcome to try it yourself, indy100 rated Salt Baes (much cheaper) fast food restaurant in New York.

Latest Page News asked Nusr-Et for a comment.

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