Tuesday, May 10, 2022

“Sailing yacht below deck”: Dr. Kim Nichols and his group have been dubbed the “most obnoxious charters of all time”.

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“I’ve never hated guests more, can’t believe this woman is a doctor #underdecksailing,” wrote one fan

It’s nothing new that charter guests struggle in the Below Deck franchise, but making the crew stay up late and constantly complaining in front of them about the horrible service definitely doesn’t earn guests brownie points. The recently aired episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht featured Dr. Kim Nichols, a dermatologist from Greenwich, Connecticut, and her husband Chris Cabanillas, who chartered the Parsifal III for a luxury vacation with friends.

After Gabriela Barragan decided to retire mid-season, chef Daisy Kelliher and Ashley Marti had to handle the entire service themselves. Though Daisy and Ashley prepared to do the extra work, the stews hadn’t anticipated the amount of work that would not only be theirs, but also the unimaginable level of disrespect from the charter guests. Right from the start, the guests found the most common things to criticize and demand. From asking the crew to steam every piece of clothing, to complaining about the melting ice and being served lukewarm drinks while sitting in the sun, the guests gave their all to make the inside team’s life a living nightmare .


Daisy had to single-handedly attend to all of the guests’ needs, from making drinks to playing music to getting warm blankets. Despite being exhausted, Daisy kept her calm and composure and did her best to accommodate all of the guests’ requests. The guests noticed that Daisy sorted everything out on her own, but instead of showing any understanding or consideration for her situation, they complained about poor service to her. The chief stewardess was furious when one of the guests threw her money for the “annoyance” caused to her by her group.

After observing the guests’ behavior, several fans took to Twitter to criticize their inconsiderate behavior. One fan tweeted, “These guests are ridiculous #BelowDeckSailing.” “I’ve never hated guests more, can’t believe this woman is a doctor #belowdecksailing,” one fan wrote. “@BelowDeckSailng When the Countess ‘Money Can’ t Buy You Class” sang, she was talking about those charter guests! …. What a bunch of obnoxious, spoiled, ruthless a******! @BravoTV #BelowDeckSailingYacht #belowdecksailing,” observed one fan. “Chris and that fuggin transfusion… Just when I thought guests couldn’t get any worse – another group of idiots charter and prove me wrong #belowdecksailing #belowdeck,” added one fan.

Another fan shared: “#BelowDeckSailing it never ceases to amaze me how ridiculously awful the charterers can be…don’t they realize they’re going to be on TV??? STAY CLASSY DR nipples!!! #StoneColdLosers.” “Rogert #DrNichols – they paid $60,000 for you and your guests to trash the yacht and treat the crew like shit. That’s not enough bitch – slip the money up your crispy ass! # BelowDeckSailingYacht #belowdecksailing pardon my French #sorrynotsorry,” commented an annoyed fan. “It’s like a competition to be the worst, most obnoxious charter guest ever. So far they win. #underdecksailing,” explained one fan.

Considering what Dr. As Nichols and her guests ask of the crew, we can only hope that they tip generously, unlike the Roses on previous charters, whose abysmal tipping earned them much praise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs every Monday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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