Saturday, August 6, 2022

Ryan Seacrest: “If I Were A Man, I Would Want To Be That Bachelor”

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“On Air with Ryan Seacrest” is a popular radio show with a variety of guests including members of Bachelor Nation. On Monday, July 18’s episode, Seacrest spoke to former “Bachelor” and current “Bachelorette” host Jesse Palmer. Seacrest co-hosts Sisanie Villaclara and Tanya Rad were also in attendance.

Palmer eloquently explained how the season 19 bachelorette girls, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, don’t compete against each other, but rather explore a journey of friendship together. After Palmer finished speaking, Seacrest looked in awe for a moment and then suddenly blurted out, “If I were a man, I’d like to be Jesse Palmer.”

Everyone laughed. Then Rad couldn’t help but point out to Seacrest, “You ARE a guy.” The American Idol host conceded, “Yeah, I’m a guy, but you know what I’m saying.” He then told Palmer that he hanging his picture on his fridge alongside his other inspiration, football legend David Beckham.

Palmer replied, “Beckham is great. He has better tattoos than me. Better hair that isn’t harsh. He’s not sunburnt like me, he wears clothes that fit, he’s not in stadiums all the time. I mean, you’re setting the bar high.”

Seacrest giggled and replied, “Hey, I need big goals, you know.”

The conversation then switched to Palmer’s recent vow renewal ceremony/second marriage to his wife Emely Fardo in Provence, France. Palmer had called the show from Spain, leading Seacrest to realize the show was interrupting his honeymoon.

Seacrest said, “I’m really excited that you guys are spending some time together. I’m sorry to interrupt your vacation, but…” At this point, Sisanie interjected, “He’s actually on his honeymoon,” prompting Palmer to feign outrage. “Yes, Ryan, this is my honeymoon,” he explained with a smirk.

Before all the weird relief, Seacrest asked Palmer if he thought there would ever be two bachelors like there are two bachelors these days. Palmer speculated, “Maybe one day. I always wonder, the makers, how they try to make it feel new and fresh. The franchise has been on the air for 20 years.”

Palmer was thrown off his stance for a moment when he realized how much that had “dated” him, considering he was The Bachelor in season five in 2004. But the former football player turned around and explained, “I think they’re always trying to find new ways to make it feel kind of new and fresh, and as the season progresses I’d be really curious to know what’s happening with Bachelor Nation and the.” People at home think while they continue to watch, and what our leaders think too. I think there’s definitely a chance we could see two bachelors down the road.”

Ex-Bachelorette Andi Dorfman would definitely like to see that. In a June interview with Entertainment Tonight, she explained: “I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t bother me that it’s two women. I would like to see how the two men go about it.”

Earlier this year, Fox’s “Joe Millionaire” had a similar premise, featuring a large group of women vying to date two men, with the added twist that one was rich and the other wasn’t. So it’s already been done. Time will tell if ABC is ready to go that route.

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