Wednesday, January 26, 2022

“Rust” arms suit is filed, Alec Baldwin ignored the “Cross-Draw” weapons training

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The lawsuit is primarily directed against Seth Kenney and his company PDQ Arm and Prop LLC, accusing them of delivering the live bullet

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armourer on the sets of “Rust” where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot in October, blames actor Alec Baldwin in part for the tragedy because he did not attend training.

Gutierrez-Reed, 24, filed a lawsuit in Bernalillo County, New Mexico on Wednesday, January 12, alleging 63-year-old Baldwin attending a cross-draw session about a week before the incident to participate, have ignored. She also blamed assistant director David Halls for failing to follow established protocol when he allegedly handed the gun to Baldwin without her having to inspect it. The lawsuit is primarily directed against Seth Kenney and his company PDQ Arm and Prop LLC, accusing them of delivering the sharp bullet. Baldwin is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.


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In the complaint, it was found that Gutierrez-Reed had to juggle two jobs at the same time because of the “gun-heavy script”, both as a “gunsmith and as an important prop assistant”. Sarah Zachry, who came to the set shortly afterwards as a prop manager, fired an empty round at her foot, according to the lawsuit on the set. Just 20 minutes later, Baldwin’s stunt double accidentally fired a gun on set, noted Gutierrez-Reed in her suit.

And while she primarily filed the lawsuit against Kenney and his company, she blames Baldwin and Halls. The court documents state that the “30 Rock” star did not respond to her request to schedule a training session for the gun scenes. It’s worth noting that the actor was on a crusade – in which the gun was pulled over the body – when he shot Hutchins.

Gutierrez-Reed alleges in her lawsuit – filed by attorney Jason Bowles – that she loaded the gun that was used in the church scene with mock bullets before handing it over to Assistant Director Halls, who told her he was using the firearm during rehearsal. She said she then left the church and about 15 minutes later Halls handed the gun to Baldwin, shouting “cold gun”, signaling that it was not loaded with live cartridges.

The gunsmith also alleged in the lawsuit that it was not a planned rehearsal with Baldwin himself and that Halls failed to follow protocol by not informing them that Baldwin would film or practice the gun movement. Instead, Baldwin began practicing the cross draw from his shoulder holster in order to get the right camera angles with Hutchins. Then the gun went off. Gutierrez-Reed insisted that Baldwin would have learned safe weapon practice if he had trained her on the cross-draw move. She said she never pointed him at Hutchins with a gun, but she wasn’t in church at the time of the shooting. The 24-year-old is suing Kenney, claiming he had access to the set and knew the code of the prop safe where the firearms were kept. The lawsuit establishes that Kenney and his company were the primary ammunition supplier to the production line and therefore, according to TMZ, should be held liable for any live ammunition that somehow got onto the set.

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