Saturday, August 6, 2022

RUN, FORREST, RUN! Eric Decker accuses 4-year-old son of posting that shower file

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One of Jessie James Decker’s friends wrote her screenshots of the images, which were later deleted after they were online for at least 30 minutes

Forrest Decker, the 4-year-old son of Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker, mistakenly uploaded two nude photos of the former NFL player to Instagram on Monday, July 11. In one of the pictures, Forrest smiles while taking a selfie. and father Eric can be seen in the background taking a shower, with the side of his butt visible through the shower stall. Forrest seemed aware that his father was fully nude in the corner of the image because he was seen laughing in the second shot, rather than just smiling innocently like in the first image.

Before one of Jessie’s friends texted her a copy of the pictures, the pictures had been online for at least 30 minutes. They were later deleted. The worried friend texted the country singer, “I’m not even sure you know he has his phone but if you don’t pick it up.” Jessie, 34, replied, “Omg,” then she went for it her husband’s phone back. Luckily for Forrest, his mom added a laughing emoji, indicating she wasn’t too unhappy.


The 35-year-old NFL player also addressed the breach on his Instagram Stories, and joked about having to keep a closer eye on his kids when they use his phone. “Time to change the code… so much for watching Forrest’s Avengers videos in my shower 🥴,” Eric wrote.

Though Forrest posting his father’s steamy pics was an accident, other members of the Decker family have also flaunted the former NFL player’s toned physique. His wife Jessie tweeted a nude picture of herself by the pool for his 35th birthday in March. He posed like the famous “Thinker” sculpture by covering his face with his hand.


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The Deckers also have another son named Eric Jr. (6) and a daughter named Vivianne (8). The couple opened up about the prospect of expanding their family in an interview with People Magazine back in February.

“Honestly, we’re not trying to have a kid — we’re not trying to have one either,” James Decker admitted. “We don’t plan this, so we just let life happen. And when it happens, it’s a blessing. If it doesn’t happen, it shouldn’t be, but we don’t do anything not to make it happen,” she added.

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