Thursday, June 30, 2022

Rosellene Bronstein: Mom of teen who killed herself says school IGNORED bullying because he was white

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“I can assure you of that if my son were black […] that would have been handled very differently. But my son was a white Jewish kid,” she claimed

The parents of a 15-year-old boy who was driven to suicide in January over a false claim he wasn’t vaccinated accuse school administrators of ignoring the abuse because their son was white.

The principal of a private school in Chicago reportedly overlooked a molested Nate Bronstein, 15, who later committed suicide – and the dead boy’s mother is warning parents in New York, where the principal is due to start a new job next month. Randall Dunn, 57, is president of the Board of Trustees of the National Association of Independent Schools and has led the Latin School of Chicago since 2011, but will lead Westchester’s upscale Rye Country Day School, according to the school. Nate, Rosellene’s son, committed suicide in January. In April, she and her husband Robert filed a $100 million lawsuit in Illinois against Dunn and a host of other school administrators and parents, saying their son died as a result of months of bullying.


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School minimized her son’s problem since he was white, Rosellene claims. “They are very focused on themselves [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion] Stuff and all your progressive bulls—t,” she raged. “I can assure you that if my son had been black and this had happened, it would have been handled very differently. But my son was a white Jewish kid.” “They spent more time yelling at my son for covering his nose with that damn mask than teaching the kids to be inclusive and kind, considerate and caring,” she said grieving mother told The Post.

Nate Bronstein was spotted hanging from a rope attached to a shower in the family’s bathroom. One of his classmates had encouraged him to attempt suicide a month earlier. The family alleges in court filings that the constant teasing was spurred in part by the misconception that he wasn’t vaccinated. Andrew Sanchez, a geometry teacher, is said to have regularly tormented Nate by once telling him that he was “not going anywhere in life,” according to the family’s court filing.

“I warn all parents against this [Rye Country School.] This will happen again. Your children will not be protected in this school under Dunn,” Roselle said. However, the family’s allegations are “inaccurate and out of place,” according to a statement from the $40,000 Latin school.

“The school’s faculty and staff are compassionate people who put students’ interests first, as they did in this case,” the school said. “The school will defend itself, its faculty and staff against these baseless claims.”

According to Rosellene, there was no way Dunn could have been unaware of the abuse. Also, she believes that Nate would still be alive if another man had been in authority. However, it is unclear when and what Dunn knew.

In response, Rye Country Day School defended Dunn’s hiring. “Student safety is of paramount importance to the RCDS Board of Trustees, which is made up almost entirely of current parents. A Board of Trustees has examined the details of this tragic case and found no evidence to support the aggressive allegations against Mr Dunn or raise safety concerns for the RCDS community,” the school said. “Mr. Dunn has an exemplary 30-year track record as a compassionate and ethical educator and we look forward to him joining RCDS.”

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