Thursday, December 22, 2022

‘Robyn Such a Snake’: Angry fans call ‘RHOP’ housewife for examining Mia Thornton’s cancerous lump

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“JOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Robyn being sarcastic about Mia’s lump? See one on a snake they’ll be a snake #rhop,” one fan wrote

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: “Real Housewives of Potomac” fans watched in shock and disgust as Robyn Dixon shadowed her co-star Mia Thornton’s cancer.

After Robyn explicitly showed her support for Mia during her fight with Wendy Osefo, ‘RHOP’ fans were surprised to see the housewife dealing with Mia’s cancer. In a previous episode, Mia revealed to the ladies after being questioned about her cancer that doctors discovered a lump on her buttocks and examined them to rule out if they were cancerous. When Mia started twerking in her bikini bottoms during a beach party, Robyn dodgedly pointed out what Mia’s butt looked like and made a snide remark about how her lumps mysteriously disappeared in such a short time.


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‘RHOP’ fans couldn’t help but feel put off by Robyn’s insensitive and snake-like behavior towards Mia. Several fans took to Twitter to slam the Reasonably Shady podcast host for her insensitive comments. One fan tweeted: “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Robyn being sarcastic about Mia’s lump? See one thing about a snake, they’re gonna be a snake #rhop.” “Robyn is such a #snake, now she’s peeking at Mia for bumps and bumps! She and the Bopsie twin want Karen to choose sides and these snakes are kicking everyone but themselves #RHOP over the fence super hard,” one fan wrote. RHOP rides. Bye Robyn! Messy AF!” explained to the fan.

Another fan pointed out: “Robyn’s relationship with Mia is strange to me. Getting them to fight at night and then examining their prey for cancerous lumps the next day? #rhop.” “Robyn so wts. Cheering Mia up, but also talking about her…talking about the “lumps”, Robyn isn’t loyal to anyone but Gizelle. #RHOP,” one fan remarked. “Does Robyn think she has to be ugly to win the audience over to her??? You are on Mia’s side then you are looking for cancer lumps??? #RHOP,” one confused fan commented.

Real Housewives of Potomac airs every Sunday at 8:7c on Bravo.

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