Sunday, November 27, 2022

‘Robyn is such a loser’: ‘RHOP’ star slammed accusation of Wendy Osefo for ‘attacking’ Mia Thornton

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“Upsetting and upsetting someone who has just been attacked. Robyn is such a loser #RHOP,” one fan commented

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: After watching the recently aired episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Bravo fans were furious at Robyn Dixon. The OG housewife managed to trigger fans of the reality show by accusing her housewife Wendy Osefo of “antagonizing” her co-star Mia Thornton, while Wendy was defending herself after Mia threw her drink at Wendy .

What was supposed to be a fun and casual dinner turned into a battleground when Mia called Wendy for dumping Peter Thomas after approaching him about opening a Nigerian restaurant. Wendy attempted to explain to Mia and the ladies that she had no “beef” with Peter and felt it was unnecessary to contact Cynthia Bailey’s former husband. But as Mia continued to berate Wendy for not being a good entrepreneur and ghost Peter, a very angry Wendy lashed out at Mia by insulting her marriage. In a fit of anger, Mia picked up her drink and threw it at Wendy. Although Wendy was shocked by Mia’s aggression towards her, she tried to defend herself by denouncing Mia for her bad and violent behavior in public. To make matters worse, the other housewives just watched the drama in silence instead of speaking up for Wendy. Taking a step ahead, Robyn began recording the fight on her phone, constantly accusing Wendy of “pitching” Mia.


‘RHOP’ fans were less than pleased with Robyn’s reaction to the fight, taking to Twitter to express their displeasure at the housewife’s accusations that Wendy had upset Mia. One fan tweeted: “Robyn is trash. #RHOP.” “Things went too far tonight. Robyn is a dingo and Giselle is a hater. They are pure clowns because they condone Mia’s behavior. They are insecure and unobtrusive because of Wendy’s sheer presence. And when Wendy opens her mouth, they’re even smaller. They are idiots. #RHOP,” one fan wrote. “Wendy was attacked and Giselle and Robyn had the nerve to tell Wendy why she was upset Mia!!! The gaslighting is too real on these two. I’m sick of these heifers #RHOP,” commented one fan.

Many fans also resented the fact that Royn filmed the whole incident instead of standing up for Wendy. One fan shared, “Robyn was really sitting there telling Wendy to stop ‘antagonizing’ herself while she’s sitting there recording videos like it’s something to laugh about, it makes sense. #RHOP.” “It’s not Robyn who’s most upset by recording on her phone like there wasn’t a whole film crew around her #RHOP,” supported one fan. “I’m so angry I completely forgot that Robyn was all records and ANTAGONIZES Wendy while Wendy tries to defend herself against Mia! #RHOP,” echoed one fan. “I’m a Robyn apologist, but not tonight. She looked crazy as hell saying Wendy was pissing Mia off. How does she upset someone who threw a drink at her? #RHOP,” wondered one fan.

This isn’t the first time the ‘RHOP’ cast have come under fire for their discriminatory treatment of Wendy. Ashley Dary was challenged last season when she accused Wendy of being “aggressive,” while Candiace Bassett kept pointing out that her “RHOP” had an obvious “colorism” among the cast.

Real Housewives of Potomac airs every Sunday at 8:7c on Bravo.

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