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Robert Downey Jr. once expected to face a “crisis” after quitting playing Iron Man

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Marvel superhero Iron Man has played a huge role in relaunching Robert Downey Jr.’s career. So much so that he was prepared to face a crisis when his reign as Iron Man ended.

Downey’s career reached new heights thanks to director Jon Favreau’s iron man Movie. The actor, who has had a turbulent past and career, was making a comeback before his Marvel fame. In the 2000s, he starred in films such as zodiac and A scanner in the dark. but iron man saw him not only as the lead in a popular superhero film, but in an entire franchise.

It was a role he originally pursued after seeing what making blockbuster films meant for some of his contemporaries.

“I originally tracked iron man because I had seen Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp succeed with their own franchises and I wanted my son to see his father in a film like that. I’m also proud that I’m a leading man who can do big blockbusters and be the Harrison Ford guy. It’s not a bad place,” Downey once said in an interview with Esquire.

It took some convincing, but Downey eventually landed the part. The effects iron man had begun his life almost immediately after the film’s release.

“Everything changed on Monday morning after the opening weekend for iron man in 2008. My economic and professional status has undergone a complete revolution and I’ve been trying to understand how that works and make sure I maintain that size and momentum,” he continued.

Years ago exit game, many still wondered how long Downey envisioned playing the superhero. Downey wasn’t sure about that answer for a long time either. But in a 2013 interview with GQ (via Entertainment Weekly), Downey expected he wouldn’t give up the role lightly.

“Here’s the thing. At whatever point I’m done with this, I’m going to have a bit of a crisis because I probably haven’t even fully absorbed how much I enjoyed it, how much it meant. It came kind of relative obscurity like this second-rate Marvel Universe character, and I feel like I was involved in making something more of it, but it was also just good filmmaking for me,” he said.

In a 2013 interview with Collider, Downey agreed he wanted to stay due to his close relationship with Iron Man. At the same time, however, he was aware that he didn’t actually own Iron Man.

“The thing about playing this kind of innate narcissist, whenever you kill one of Tony’s egos, another just pops up. I’ve had this experience, but I’ve found it to be a very soothing journey for me. It was remarkably humbling,” he said. “You realize that you are only a part of this thing. I think the problems start when a person involved in something – especially something successful – decides that they have some sense of responsibility for it. It’s really something that Stan Lee has been committed to for 50 years.”

Robert Downey Jr. has seemingly retired his iron man forever. But back when he was fully immersed in the Marvel superhero, he was too attached to his character.

“Initially, it was a time when… what are they saying? Owners are starting to look like their pets,” he said That Off Camera Show.

Eventually, the bond between him and Tony Stark became so strong that he had to mentally distance himself from the role. If only for the sake of his own identity.

“I’m not my job. I’m not what I did to this studio. I’m not the time I spent playing this character,” he added. “And it sucks because the kid in all of us wants to say, ‘No. It will always be a summer camp and we all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’.”

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