Thursday, September 22, 2022

Robbie Williams accidentally admits to dating Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman and reveals he was ‘disappointed’

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Robbie and Kylie collaborated on the song “Kids” while he collaborated with Nicole on the song “Somethin’ Stupid” in 2001

LONDON, ENGLAND: Robbie Williams has dated several gorgeous ladies in the past, some of whom his fans may not even be aware of. The British crooner – who has been married to model and actress Ayda Field since 2010 – accidentally admitted in an interview that he dated Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman when he was young.

In an interview with French magazine Paris Match, Williams revealed he was “disappointed” in both Minogue and Kidman, according to The Daily Mail. The 48-year-old pop singer, for the layman, worked musically with both ladies. He was previously rumored to be dating both Kylie and Nicole, but nothing has been confirmed until now. Williams’ rep later told The Sun that his comments were “misunderstood”.


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A rep for the ‘Rock DJ’ singer said his quotes had been “misunderstood,” adding: “Robbie was in no way referring to either Nicole or Kylie, he has never had anything other than a professional relationship with both women and has just respect and respect admiration for them.” Williams and Minogue worked together on the song “Kids.” He admitted he had a crush on the Australian singer but revealed he ruined his chances by making fun of her when she stripped naked for the video.

Speaking of Kidman, Williams previously collaborated with the ‘Big Little Lies’ star on the song ‘Somethin’ Stupid’ in 2001. He previously praised the actress in an interview with the Herald Sun, calling her “beautiful and incredibly talented”. He explained, “Nicole’s size to sing with me was the biggest coup of the century. She is a lovely person, incredibly gifted and talented and I’m glad this moment happened.”

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