Thursday, December 22, 2022

Rishi Sunak launches four-point plan for vaccine-style taskforce to save NHS

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RISHI Sunak today unveils his four-point plan for a vaccination-style taskforce to save the NHS and future-proof it.

The Prime Minister is today to announce a further £113m in new cash to fund cancer vaccines, fight obesity, mental health and addiction problems.

He wants a world-class team of experts to lead a new mission to save the NHS billions and fund the future miracle cures.

Mr Sunak, the Health and Business Secretary, will meet with industry leaders, global CEOs and NHS leaders today to boost investment in tomorrow’s medicines.

And Kate Bingham, chief of vaccines, will help appoint new expert chairs for each mission to encourage more research and innovation with new technologies.

The Prime Minister said today: “This funding will improve outcomes for patients, ease existing pressures on the system and ensure we are among the first to benefit from medical breakthroughs.

“Importantly, it will also help save the NHS millions of pounds that could otherwise be spent on patient care.

“It is also very gratifying that the hugely successful Vaccine Taskforce, which has procured millions of life-saving vaccines in record time during the pandemic, is now becoming a blueprint for how we leverage the best talent, expertise and investment from around the world advance research and development”.

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