Monday, January 23, 2023

‘RIP handsome man’: Tributes pour in as Ronald Selig, 66, of Outback Opal Hunters dies in work accident

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OPALTON, AUSTRALIA: The tragic death of an Australian reality TV star has left his family and fans disheartened. Ronald “Ron” Selig reportedly passed away in November 2022. However, tributes began to pour in after the series Outback Opal Hunters, in which Selig appeared, shared the unfortunate news on their Facebook page.

The post read: “We are saddened to announce that Ron Selig has passed away. Ron was a very popular member of the Outback Opal Hunters Family. A great character and amazing opal hunter always chasing this color. We will always remember Ron fondly. Ron Selig 1956 – 2022.”


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The 66-year-old was working in a workshop on an industrial site when he fell from a height of 5.8 meters on November 26 last year. In a statement on Jan. 19, Resources Safety and Health Queensland’s Mineral Mines and Quarries Inspectorate said one person “suffered fatal injuries after falling from the roof of a workshop,” according to the Daily Mail.

It also said that “the incident is still under investigation, but it is understood the worker accessed the workshop roof to make repairs following damage caused by a severe weather event when a structural element failed… leading to it.” that the worker fell about 5.8 meters [the] Floor.”

Meanwhile, on the Channel Seven show’s social media post, his daughter Mel wrote of Selig’s death: “Hi everyone, this is Ron Selig’s daughter, Mel & family. Thank you all so much with your loving kindness and condolences. 🙏❤️ 🙏 The death and loss of our father Ron has been the most challenging time for me and our entire family. Ron’s mother, children, grandchildren and friends included, as well as yourself.”

Mel added: “Ron is exactly who he is in real life as he was on The Outback Opal Hunters! Ron was everyone’s most amazing, sensational son, father, grandfather and friend. Dad was a kind, caring and fun-loving man who always cracked the funniest jokes! Ron was an easygoing guy too! I myself do not participate in Facebook. Today I took advantage of my dad’s Facebook profile to say, ‘Thank you all!’❤️🙏 Ron would have been so touched by your condolences to him!”

Mel added: “After this message I will not be posting anything else with Ron’s profile. Our family is incredibly grateful that my father/Ron was a part of The Outback Opal Hunters. We will continue to enjoy the episodes he has been in and I’m sure you all will too. Thank you again for your loving kindness and condolences to Ron Selig! He was definitely one of a kind, we will miss our father/grandfather Ron very much.🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️.”

Alongside Mel, several of Selig’s fans have offered their tributes and condolences, as one user said, “RIP Ron, I’m sorry to hear of your loss Mel and family. What a great guy, really enjoyed having episodes with Ron and Aaron. My lasting memory is of them sitting at the homemade tepenyaki drum/plate in such a secluded place. Seemed like he was living his best life, he will be missed. Greetings from the UK.”

Another user commented: “My condolences to all family friends! RIP Ron. We opal miners will keep digging dirt, mate, and do our best to dig up the best opals the world has ever seen. Pretty good, buddy. Bayden/Leesey.” The third added, “Oh no, that’s so sad. Ron didn’t look that old, just seemed to be having a hard life. The talent he had to find opals with Arron. Sending best wishes to his family. Ron will be greatly missed. RIP, dear man..”

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