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Ringo Starr ignored his family’s advice ahead of his ‘sliding door moment’

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It’s no coincidence that Ringo Starr on drums helped propel The Beatles to international fame. Despite being substituted on drums more than once in his career, he possessed a Hall of Fame talent that the rest of the Fab Four did not have. Before he became a star, Ringo ignored his family’s advice when making a decision that changed his life forever.

Ringo missed a chance at a relationship because he was seen as stupid, but there was nothing stupid about the Beatles including him in the lineup.

Original drummer Pete Best was a satisfactory live timekeeper, but not suited to recording sessions. Producer George Martin suggested the band replace him in the studio. They did, and they wanted protection against Best after firing him outright. It might have been uncomfortable at first, but it was the right move.

When the Beatles changed their sound in the mid-1960s, the gifted Ringo was the best drummer for the job. Before the Fab Four got to this point, Ringo ignored his family’s advice as he made a decision that would dramatically change his life.

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Ringo developed his interest in drums while recovering from one of his childhood illnesses. When he reached working age, he got a job on a tourist boat before being fired for a drunken tirade against his boss. He then worked as an apprentice in a factory in Liverpool, but Ringo didn’t stay there long.

When Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, the band he played in before the Beatles, got a lucrative, month-long gig at a resort in 1960, Ringo ignored his family’s advice to keep his job at the factory. The promise of steady drum work failed to live up to Michael Seth Starr’s (no relation to Ringo) job security With a little help:

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Ringo ignored his family’s advice to stick with his education and devoted himself to music when the opportunity arose. He was making £16 a week playing Butlins with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, according to Starr. That equates to more than £292 in 2022, according to the Bank of England’s inflation calculator.

Ringo once said he wasn’t a good drummer, which was far from the truth. He ended up earning well over £16 a week playing with the Beatles, but his skills behind the kit weren’t the only qualities he brought to the Fab Four.

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Ringo helped keep his bandmates grounded when the Fab Four’s notoriety was at its peak. The drummer once revealed that good-natured intra-band ribbing was the main difference in how The Beatles handled their fame compared to Elvis Presley. Ringo’s quick wit and down-to-earth attitude were a big part of that.

When John Lennon brought Yoko Ono into the band’s inner circle, the drummer had a pure Ringo reaction that John never forgot. Paul McCartney and George Harrison judged Yoko on first impressions, but Ringo was more welcoming. He didn’t jump to conclusions about Yoko’s presence. It was a big change, but Ringo went with the flow.

Before that happened, however, Ringo ignored his family’s advice and dived headfirst into a music career that became legendary.

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