Friday, September 30, 2022

Riley Gaines slams Joe Biden’s proposed Title IX changes, recalling Lia Thomas exposing ‘penis’ in dressing room

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Gaines explained in her comment that Thomas was “attracted to women” and recalled the time the trans athlete pulled out her penis in the women’s locker room

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: A collegiate swimmer who tied a swim race with transgender athlete Lia Thomas has shared a horrifying incident when she was forced to share a locker room with the latter. University of Kentucky 2022 graduate Riley Gaines Barker shared in a comment that Thomas “exposed male parts in our women’s locker room.”

Gaines finished fifth in the NCAA 200-yard freestyle championships with Thomas in March. Gaines also attacked President Joe Biden in her commentary on Fox Digital News for proposing to change national sports policy. Biden has proposed some monumental changes to the landmark Civil Rights Act Title IX. Biden has attempted to change the law’s definition of “gender” to include “gender” and “gender identity,” which would allow transgender students to compete in women’s sports. For her part, Gaines has also openly criticized the NCAA for nominating Lia Thomas for Athlete of the Year.

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Gaines also revealed in her comment that Thomas was “attracted to women,” and also recalled an incident from when the transathlete pulled out her penis in the women’s locker room in March, much to the dismay of fellow swimmers. Her claim echoes one previously mentioned by another swimmer. Gaines explained, “At the NCAA Championships, I saw a 6ft 4ft man baring male parts in our women’s locker room. To put it bluntly, the anatomy that I and many other women have had to see confirms that Thomas is a male.”

Gaines added that she then asked National Collegiate Athletic Association officials where she could change clothes “as I had no intention of undressing in front of a man.” She continued, “They informed me that there were no safeguards in place for me to change in a room that Thomas did not have access to,” adding, “In summary, the NCAA has placed an obligation on the woman not to undressing in front of them a biological man with biological parts who is sexually attracted to women. Let that sink.”

“I had no intention of undressing in front of a man”

In her paper, Gaines cited studies showing that biological males have, on average, a 10 percent advantage over biological females in strength, agility, and endurance. She wrote, “The male body is developed from the womb to be the physically stronger and more athletic of the two sexes…yes, there are only two.” She added, “Around the female-male deficit in my race with real ones.” To put numbers: 10 percent of the 102 seconds it takes to swim is 10 seconds, which not coincidentally is exactly the difference between the men’s and women’s world records in the event.”

In her op-ed, she criticized the NCAA for “not rewarding us equally for trying.” She claimed the NCAA instead “gave Thomas the trophy that day for ‘photo purposes’ and assured me mine would eventually come in the mail.” Continuing her concerns about the proposed changes to Title IX, she concluded by writing, “It’s time to take back Title IX and stand up and protect our girls and women. I was gifted Title IX by those who came before me and will fight tirelessly to give to the young girls who dream of winning at the elite level as I once did.”

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