Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ricky Gervais’ new stand-up special is released here on Netflix

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Popular comedian Ricky Gervais is set to release a new Netflix stand-up special titled SuperNature. Here’s when you can see it and what we know so far.

World-renowned comedian and author Ricky Gervais will premiere his new stand-up special on streaming platform Netflix this month.

The 60-year-old’s new routine, dubbed ‘SuperNature’, has been touring since 2020 – although the coronavirus pandemic forced her to take a break before resuming 18 months later.

Gervais recently said his recent shows were “the best gigs I’ve ever done,” adding, “If you do the same gig 50 times, it’s better than if you do it 10 times. Even if you don’t change the material, you do better. But you change It evolves to get better.”

The third and final season of his critically acclaimed Netflix series AfterLife aired earlier this year and the streaming giant will once again have the rights to present the Reading-born comedian’s latest stand-up set – his first Netflix Series since 2018’s Humanity.

Gervais is one of Britain’s most celebrated comedians, having won three Golden Globes – and hosting the event five times – while also winning two Emmys and seven BAFTAs during a highly successful career which has seen him spawn cult British shows such as The Office , Extras and Derek onto our screens.

His new routine is said to be about “his understanding of the rules of comedy, pampering his cats and how super real nature is” and has been dubbed a “love letter to skeptics”.

In the show, the comedian is set to explore the nature of offense and why comedy is used as an escape from everyday life. In typical Gervais fashion, it’s meant to be typically provocative.

The stand-up special is said to be around the 75-minute mark and will be released worldwide on Netflix.

Netflix subscribers in the UK can watch the special on Tuesday, May 24, from 8:01 a.m. Don’t have a Netflix subscription? You can sign up here with prices starting at £5.99.

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