Thursday, December 22, 2022

RHOSLC: Jen Shah Says Unaired Confrontation With Jennie Nguyen Changed Dynamics With Meredith Marks

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City split from new cast Jennie Nguyen after a spate of racist tweets resurfaced. Jen Shah claimed she and Meredith Marks confronted her over the posts, which strengthened her relationship with the jewelry designer.

Former housewife Jennie Nguyen was fired from Bravo after multiple racist posts surfaced from her Facebook account.

The content came to light during filming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3, which would have served as the second season of Nguyen.

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In an interview with Up and Adam, Jen Shah explained that she confronted Nguyen about the offensive posts over lunch. She pointed out that Meredith Marks was the only other ROSLC Actor shows up and surprises Shah.

The housewife noted that she thought Lisa Barlow, who has a decades-long friendship with Nguyen and brought her onto the show, should have turned up for answers. However, Shah was grateful that Marks also confronted the former housewife because it showed her they were both passionate about equality. She considers it a “watershed moment” in her friendship with the jewelry designer.

After initial launch ROSLC In Season 1 as Friends, Shah angered the Marks’ children when she lifted her leg when they insisted they see their woman parts.

However, Shah insisted they had never seen anything and tried to prove her point on social media. Through the back-and-forth, the housewife appeared to “like” negative comments about her son’s sexuality, which angered Marks.

However, they reconciled when Shah apologized to her and her son Brooks. When her close friend Barlow began a friendship with Shah, it irritated the jewelry designer and drew a wedge in their relationship. The rift widened as Marks alum grew closer to Mary Cosby, ultimately leading to a memorable tirade from Barlow.

They still couldn’t fix things. During Season 3, Shah and Marks have a better relationship sparked by the unaired Nguyen confrontation. The designer publicly supported Shah with her legal troubles until the housewife changed her plea to guilty in a surprise hearing in July 2022.

When filming for ROSLC Season 3 began, someone published several controversial Facebook posts shared by Nguyen.

The objectionable content, first released in 2020, contained memes supporting the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump. One targeted Vice President Kamala Harris, accusing her of maintaining her position by exchanging sexual favors.

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Additionally, she expressed anti-vaccination sentiments in her posts, comparing those willing to get vaccinated to drinking “Kool-Aid.” Much of the content she shared revolved around the Black Lives Matter movement and the police involvement in the murder of George Floyd. The posts labeled BLM protesters as “thugs” and contained misinformation about Floyd’s death.

A few weeks after the release, Bravo announced her decision to part ways with Nguyen over the content and apologized for not acting sooner. The current cast didn’t mention the fired housewife in the new season. She later went live on Instagram to acknowledge the posts, but blamed it on a social media team. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays on Bravo.

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