Monday, November 28, 2022

‘RHOP’: Monique Samuels shares thoughts on Mia Thornton throwing drinks at Wendy Osefo

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viewers of The real housewives of the Potomac are still discussing Mia Thornton throwing a drink in Wendy Osefo’s face. Many have spoken out against Thornton, noting that her actions were unjustified. Now former co-star Monique Samuels shares her thoughts. She praises Osefo for surviving being attacked. Samuels also says she wasn’t surprised Thornton was attacked.

During a girls’ trip to Miami to celebrate Karen Huger’s birthday, season 6 freshman Thornton called RHOA alum Peter Thomas, giving him an overview of the guest list for their private dinner at his South Beach restaurant. Thomas informed her that he has “Beef” with Osefo. He claims their relationship has soured after talks stalled about a possible deal together. Thornton decided to make himself part of the problem and confront Osefo about it.

Osefo is taken aback by Thornton’s insistence on discussing her business relationship with Thomas. After arguing back and forth, Thornton is somehow triggered and aggressively throws a drink in Osefo’s face. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon sided with Thornton. Osefo never put up a physical fight.

Samuels is no stranger to arguments escalating into physical fights. She beat Candiace Dillard Bassett in the heat of a verbal debate at a winery during season five. Eventually, Samuels apologized, but she felt upset by Dillard Bassett.

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Osefo famously scolded Samuels for her behavior. Now Samuels says she’s proud of Osefo for not getting his revenge. “I don’t know the full story, but I applaud Wendy for not getting as physical as I did after getting hit in the face with a glass,” she told The Neighbhorood Talk. “She had every reason to defend herself after being sprayed in the face and then apparently hit with a handbag and chose to use her words instead.

She added, “One thing Wendy said to me back then with Karen was that she would never get physical, she would use her words. Obviously, she lived up to that statement at that moment. I told her at the Season 5 reunion that she and her family would be next. Some of these women don’t hate the camera. You are miserable in real life. One thing Wendy should understand is that it’s not about her actions or lack thereof, she could have just sat there and they still would have found a reason to ice her.”

Thronton has apologized in several social media posts, but that’s not enough for fans. She’s been under intense scrutiny since the episode aired and doesn’t seem able to handle the backlash. In a post that reads: “I had to make you uncomfortable or you would never have moved. -God,” Thornton captioned the photo, “When you’ve struggled your entire life to make it, you’re no longer stuck in places that bring forth what you’ve worked so hard to overcome.”

In a second caption for the same IG post, she wrote: “For the benefit of my children, family, friends, employees and business associates. I have to move on.” It appears to be her announcement that she is leaving the show after the ordeal.

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