Wednesday, June 29, 2022

RHOC alum slams Erika Jayne: ‘Have some empathy’

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In “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 12 Episode 3, Erika Jayne, with the help of her team, was packing her things for a trip to Palm Desert. In one scene, her creative director Mikey Minden made suggestions for what to wear while on vacation.

“I have all these things that I would normally resell and I’m taking the money and buying new things, but I can’t do that at the moment because of the insolvency practitioners. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of great things, so wearing them twice isn’t the worst thing,” Jayne explained during a confessional.

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kelly Dodd and her husband, reporter Rick Leventhal, shared their thoughts on the scene in a May 2022 YouTube video.

In the YouTube video, Leventhal referenced that Jayne was having legal troubles. Corresponding page six, The Bravo star’s estranged husband, former attorney Thomas Girardi, has been “accused of embezzling settlement funds to help the victims of Lion Air Flight 610”.

“I just found it disgusting that they show all these possessions and all these clothes that were allegedly paid for by orphans and widows of plane crash victims and other people that her husband allegedly fleeced and she now denies that she was at fault or a Blame, every guilt, whatever, but we know she spends millions and millions and millions of dollars on this stuff. I’m beyond amazed that this is celebrated on the show,” Leventhal said.

Dodd shared similar sentiments and criticized Jayne’s spending habits.

“Like having some empathy, I mean seriously, it’s incredible to me. She’s got the boldness of a glam team, she’s the kind of person who’s likely to spend more than she’s going to make. She’s got all these legal issues. Like — how she’s just not smart with her money and it’s just really, really stupid,” said the former RHOC star.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in May 2022, Jayne addressed fans who believe she’s become a “full supervillain” in season 12 of “RHOBH.” She explained that she was trying to protect herself in the face of the allegations against her and her estranged husband.

“I lean into myself, I lean into fully protecting Erika mode, fully caring for Erika. Who else is going to do that if I don’t, and if it ruffles a few feathers, if it looks unladylike, if your, you know, I don’t know, offended manners, so be it. Nobody lives this life but me. No one is coming to help me but me,” the reality TV personality explained.

She also pointed out that some of her “RHOBH” castmates have questioned her innocence. She told the publication:

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