Tuesday, August 9, 2022

RHOBH star roasted for overreacting to guest star

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had a special guest, and one of the stars from the show was seriously impressed. On the July 20, 2022 episode of the Bravo reality show titled “The Weight of Words,” actress Jamie Lee Curtis made a cameo appearance.

Curtis has been close friends with RHOBH veteran Kyle Richards for more than 40 years. The two appeared together in the 1978 John Carpenter film Halloween, as well as the recent sequels Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

But for a RHOBH star, meeting movie icon Curtis was a big deal.

During her RHOBH performance, Curtis was the guest of honor at a charity dinner held at Richard’s mansion for her My Hand In Yours foundation, which funds Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

During lunch, Curtis met RHOBH cast members from Richards for the first time, including Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Sheree Zampino and Diana Jenkins. Kemsley was most impressed by the film legend.

“Jamie Lee Curtis, oh my god!” she said in a confessional. “Am I here? Is this for real?”

Curtis then described the contents of the group’s oversized gift bags with items — all available at myhandinyours.com — including a hot/cold mug, candle, dog leash and wind chimes with her foundation’s logo. As Curtis demonstrated each item, Kemsley seemed mesmerized.

“It keeps things hot and cold? Amazing,” Kemsley said of the mug, before gushed about how “fancy” everything was.

“Hey Jamie, let me just say this is the fanciest wind chime I’ve ever seen,” the Beverly Beach founder gushed to Curtis.

In a confessional, Richards noted that Curtis “found a new best friend in Dorit.”

“She really overdoes her love for these items,” Richards quipped. “At that point, Jamie Lee Curtis could show Dorit a dirty old handkerchief and she’d be like, ‘That’s so chic, oh my god!'”

fans agreed. In a Reddit thread, a viewer wrote, “For Dorit to be amazed that a mug keeps its contents hot and cold was an exaggeration.”

“I died watching. She acted like JLC invented the Hot Cold Tumbler,” agreed another.

“That was too much. “Woah!” For a license plate frame??” asked another.

“Dorit made me laugh as I raved about the mug and the dog leash. So chic,” another chimed in.

“GACKING how far Dorit pushed herself up JLC’s ass,” wrote another viewer.

“Imagine Dorit hanging up this wind chime and telling everyone her close personal friend Jamie Lee gave it to her,” wrote another. “She probably had it signed by JLC when the cameras weren’t there,” replied another.

“Dorit flattering Jamie Lee Curtis is the best thing she’s done all season,” wrote another Redditor. “It was very traditional, Dorit, and the over-the-top reactions to the greyhound killed me.”

Both Richards and Curtis spoke about the charity lunch scene ahead of the RHOBH episode. In an interview on Melissa Gorga’s On Display podcast earlier this year, Richards teased that Curtis would be appearing with the Housewives this season. “And not in the slightest either. It’s not just a ‘high and bye,'” she added. “We just had lunch with Jamie and the girls at my house.”

Richards also noted that Curtis, who isn’t used to being on reality TV, kept “talking to the camera,” later asking her if the drama between the women was real.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Curtis also spilled “tea” on her RHOBH cameo.

“I’m appearing in ‘Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills,'” she joked. “I know it’s not called ‘Desperate Housewives,’ I was kidding. I showed up and spent the afternoon with the ladies and we had some fun.” Curtis also called her longtime pal Richards “the real deal.”

“Kyle Richards is down to earth and sweet and smart and funny,” she said. “And a girl from LA, born and raised here in the City of Angels. She is committed to the children’s hospital, she is a big supporter. She and her husband have been creating super supporters for a long time. And I think they’re great. And all these ladies were really funny.”

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