Thursday, December 22, 2022

‘RHOBH’ star Kyle Richards calls daughter Farrah Aldjufrie her ‘lookalike’ in twin clothes, fans argue

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“No way, Alexa is your double, she even sounds like you,” one fan responded to Kyle Richard’s post featuring Farrah Aldjufrie

ASPEN, COLORADO: Fans almost did a double take when they stumbled across the latest Instagram post from ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ star Kyle Richards. The ‘RHOBH’ housewife posted a photo with her daughter Farrah Brittany Aldjufrie, who looks a lot like the reality TV star. The mother-daughter duo is pictured arm in arm on the porch of a home in Aspen, Colorado. But what caught the attention of most fans was the pair’s matching outfit.

The pair wore black Prada cropped down jackets and faded blue jeans. The duo enhanced their look by also wearing matching black tops and styling their outfits with black leather boots. The pair even carried stylish purses in shades of brown and grey. The “RHOBH” housewife even added a black cowboy hat to her ensemble to give it that extra edge. Richards captioned the post “The best doppelganger #likemotherlikedaughter @farrahbritt” with an emoji of the twin girls. Aldjufrie also shared the photo on her own account, captioning it, “Good thing I didn’t wear my (hat emoji) to #unplanned #likemotherlikedaughter.” She also posted the photo to her story, adding, “@kylerichards18 , why are you doing my style?”


While the ‘RHOBH’ star may think Farrah is a divisive picture of her, some fans seem to disagree. They commented on their observations that Kyle’s second daughter Alexia Simone Umansky, not their first daughter Farrah, was her true double in the star’s comments section.

One person wrote: “Well? I don’t know.” While another noted, “So Alexia really is absolutely your mini me! Holy smoke! She is beautiful and even her mannerisms and voice are you!!!” One even pointed out Alexia’s voice, which is similar to her mother’s, writing, “No way Alexa is your double after watching Beverly Hills purchase even sound like you.” Another added: “I watched your new show on Netflix and every time your daughters speak I think it’s you. Lovely y’all.” One person critiqued, “She doesn’t look like you at all. Ever.” While another remarked, “She looks like her dad.”

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