Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘RHOBH’ fans cheer for Kathy Hilton as she shadows ‘the greatest clown’ Lisa Rinna on Instagram

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‘RHOBH’ fans say Kathy Hilton is ‘wild’ after she shared an Instagram story calling Lisa Rinna a ‘fake bitch’.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA: ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ has viewers glued to their TV sets with over-the-top drama. Because Kathy Hilton and sister Kyle Richards were embroiled in a feud, Lisa Rinna dragged her back and forth between Kathy and Satan on Wednesday’s (September 21) episode of the show. Well, Lisa went on to claim that she saw the dark side of Kathy, which hinted at her alleged breakdown. She also added that Kathy’s Aspen rant raised her PTSD level.

Rinna knows how to have a conversation. Therefore, you can often see them coming up with one or the other gossip. Well, this time her claim is that she “shows a brave side” even after her inflicted level of “PTSD” because it’s hard for her to get over what she went through with Kathy. Rinna trolled Kathy on the show, saying Kyle was more successful and famous than her. Little does she know that Kathy has garnered far more popularity and fan support than anyone else, and in a short amount of time too.


Fans are calling Kathy “wild” for re-sharing a post with Rinna “wrong bitch.”

One of the ‘RHOBH’ fans recently shared a story on Instagram featuring Rinna’s photo. He captioned the pic, “@lisarinna give it up. We saw the same fake act after @lisavanderpump @deniserichards and now it’s @Kathyhilton.” He further quotes: “Anyone who becomes too popular gets their target. Wrong bitch”. Kathy further shared the same story on her social media account without quoting anything. Well, it didn’t need to be said. Fans shared the same thing on Twitter, saying, “Kathy goes wild sharing this #RHOBH again.” Another fan supported Kathy, commenting, “Kathy Hilton > Lisa Rinna Kathy so rich and powerful she can say whatever.” she wants Instagram LMFAO #RHOBH” Well, many wondered how Rinna could say Kyle was richer than Kathy. “In what world is Kyle more famous and richer than Kathy Hilton. Those fillers and pills must have seeped into Lisa Rinna’s brain #RHOBH ” one wrote. Additionally, some even slammed Rinna, citing: “Lisa Rinna is the biggest clown… and Kathy is jealous of Kyle? Where? When? Kathy is more famous without this show. And why compare so weird at all. #RHOBH.” .”

Well, a few other fans slammed Rinna for playing the victim card on the show. “Lisa Rinna never minds her business and I won’t take her word for it when she says Kathy said. Lisa is a dramatic liar and she wants people to hate Kathy as much as they hate Erika. #RHOBH,” one fan wrote. Another clapped Rinna, saying: “Lisa Rinna is acting like she was poked, hair pulled and face pressed when Kathy allegedly had her ‘breakdown’. #RHOBH”. The fans are clearly behind Kathy while Rinna is teased by the critics.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 currently airs every Wednesday at 8:7c on Bravo.

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