Wednesday, June 29, 2022

‘RHOBH’: Angry fans have dubbed Crystal a ‘terrible boyfriend’ for accusing Sutton of saying ‘somber’ things

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“Crystal’s insinuation that Sutton said something really dark and racist is so wrong. #RHOBH,” one fan wrote

If you thought the truce between ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ stars Sutton Stracke and Crystal Minkoff was going to be a while, then maybe you should think again. Although the two ladies spoke at length and tried to sort out their many differences, things between the two spiraled out of control again when Crystal accused Sutton of saying “somber and very damaging” things during one conversation.

After Crystal leveled these serious allegations against Sutton, he refused to reveal exactly what was said during the alleged conversation. The ‘RHOBH’ star’s insistence on not revealing what Sutton was saying led the other housewives to speculate that something racist during the conversation must have helped. Realizing that Crystal’s words were damaging her reputation, Sutton made it up to Garcelle Beauvais and the other ladies by revealing what was discussed during the conversation.


Sutton revealed that she told Crystal how excited she was to see her daughter in the hot tub with her friends of different races. After hearing Sutton’s explanation, fans were beyond confused and wondered why Crystal thought it was dark or harmful. One fan tweeted: “Sutton’s explanation that her daughter’s friends are a diverse group was not obscure or damaging. #RHOBH.” “So the “dark” comment was Sutton saying she watched the United Nations races with her daughter in the pool?! #RHOBH,” one fan wondered. “Actually, the whole ‘dark’ situation was about Sutton telling Crystal that her daughter hangs out with girls of different nationalities #RHOBH,” one fan commented Sutton said something really dark and racist is so wrong. #RHOBH,” added one fan.

Many fans have criticized Crystal for spreading such baseless and damaging rumors against Sutton. One fan shared: “This episode was boring apart from the last 15 minutes where Crystal was trying to outdo the white women and didn’t realize they will ALWAYS stick together. Plus what she was alluding to was so obscure actually Sutton’s kids + friends having a GAP poolside promotional moment what a lunatic. #RHOBH.” “It’s obvious that Crystal is after Sutton. Saying this is how it should be isn’t a dark thing, saying #rhobh isn’t a dark thing,” said one fan. “For Sutton to say that encouraging her kids to have friends of different races/cultures is “dark” and “problematic”? Is Crystal okay? She can’t be. #RHOBH,” one fan remarked. “The only dark thing is that Crystal is trying to make Sutton look like a racist! Crystal is a horrible boyfriend! #RHOBH,” explained one fan.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 airs every Wednesday at 8:7c on Bravo.

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