Friday, August 5, 2022

‘RHOA’ Season 14: Is Tyrone Gilliams Using Shereé Whitfield For Public Relations? ‘RHOA’ star feels duped by ex-convict

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Shereé Whitfield sobs over her argument with longtime boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams because she feels he’s taking advantage of him

Shereé Whitfield and Tyrone Gilliams’ romance, which began in 2011, was rekindled in 2021. Their relationship is currently airing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and things aren’t looking good.

From her ‘She by Shereé’ label to personal relationships, the ‘RHOA’ actress has enabled Bravo to capture most of her life. When lover Tyrone lined her up in one of the final episodes, fans were immediately curious as to what happened next. Shereé FaceTimed with Tyrone, who was living in a semi-detached house at the time. They practiced abstinence to ensure his love for her was as strong as it was when he was in prison.


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Tyrone and Shereé originally met as friends in Philadelphia in 2011. They later started dating but stopped communicating in 2012. A year later, their relationship had been revived. They started dating in 2016 as revealed on Season 9 of RHOA. A year later, they reportedly held a prison wedding when rumors spread that Shereé was wearing a “women’s” t-shirt – but their marriage wasn’t legal.

Tyrone was released from prison in 2020 and placed in a transitional home before being confined at home. Then in 2021 they had an argument because Shereé wanted him to shoot (outside his house) and he couldn’t due to court orders. That year, Tyrone filed a lawsuit over the use of his appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to TMZ, Tyrone has stopped speaking to Shereé. According to TMZ, the couple recently filmed many sequences together, including the season finale where Shereé hosts a fashion show. Ever since he left her, there has been speculation as to whether they are still together.


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Shereé reveals to her daughter on her podcast “A little kiss and tell” in a recent first look at Sunday’s episode that she feels duped by Tyrone. Tierra reads a caption to her mother during filming that reads, “Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield won’t speak to boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams after alleged crew dispute.” Actress not only shocked, but also sad. When her daughter asked who wrote the play, Shereé joked that Tyrone did, stating he was aware he was being filmed but decided to lie.

She claims that Tyrone wanted to go on TV to explain his side of the story. Shereé denies they are speaking when her daughter asks. However, she adds that he might do such things because he’s broke. She also believes he is the one who posted his own photos, which could land him in jail. This is the ultimate betrayal for Shereé, who claims to have been absolutely faithful throughout their relationship. She admits to feeling betrayed, much like the people who were betrayed by Tyrone. She wonders if the relationship meant anything to Tyrone and if the love was real. Additionally, she claims she tried to ignore the warning signs like others, only to fall victim to “infatuation and stupidity.”

Another preview of the episode shows Shereé sobbing in front of her friend Fatum because she felt “emotionally drained” and “stupid” after the stories’ release. Shereé and Tyrone are believed to have ended things in real time. However, you can make up for your relationship train wreck by tuning in to Bravo every Sunday at 8 p.m. to watch brand new episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14.

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