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‘RHOA Season 14’: Fans berate Marlo for kicking out her teenage nephews, saying ‘she takes advantage of them’

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Fans have a feeling Marlo is exploiting her teenage nephews for the storyline while telling her co-stars about kicking them out of the house

Fans are upset with The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Marlo Hampton for banning her teenage nephews from her home. They mock her on social media for refusing to acknowledge the feelings of the teenagers whose mother abandoned her.

Marlo addresses the girls’ difficult circumstances at home in the latest episode of RHOA Season 14. Marlo is said to have previously been given full custody of her nephews after her older sister was hospitalized for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She has been taking care of her nephews for two years. Nonetheless, in the latest episode of RHOA, which aired July 11, it is revealed that Marlo admits to kicking her teenage nephews out of their home, having previously considered doing so due to their bad behavior. Fans have taken to social media to criticize her poor choice of action.


While shopping for furniture, Marlo informs Sanya Richards-Ross and Shereé Whitfield that she has kicked the boys out for 30 days because of their horrible behavior. She sent her to her younger sister, explaining that she needed a break to avoid something she would later regret. She’s in therapy to get help because things are so awful. Also, she seems aware of her emotional demands, but she doesn’t properly address the subject. At the beginning of the episode, it is revealed that Marlo’s nephews played Michael and William. They refuse to obey Marlo’s orders and appear to be having trouble at school. Marlo gives them momentum by asking them to correct their actions. She offers to get them professional help if they need it, but expects them to look their best. In a confessional, she admits she’s unaware of what she’s doing or her parenting style, but her goal is to mold them into “stronger, sharper, independent young black men.” She says that she questions all her decisions and then tells Sanya and Shereé that she kicked the boys out of the house.

Later, during Shereé’s slumber party, she turns to Kandi Burruss, with whom she just fell out, and confronts her about her and the boys. Kandi is taken aback and tells her that she should never have spoken to the boys like that. Marlo claims to have been through a lot lately and blames family issues for her recent behavior. Marlo explains that she needs some alone time before she can focus on the boys and their problems. She goes on to say that her problems have led her to drink and seek counseling. Kandi reminds her that after the amazing life Marlo made possible for the boys, taking it away from them is a lot worse. Marlo replies that at the time she thought it was for the best and that she felt like she was losing herself. Kandi adds in a confessional that she admires Marlo for taking in these children, despite not being a mother herself, but admits that she should have known better and that from now on she needs to put her feelings aside, when she takes care of the boys.

Since the episode aired, fans have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the situation, with many accusing Marlo of using the boys for a storyline. One fan wrote: “Marlo is taking advantage of these guys for a storyline I see. #RHOA.”

Another fan wrote: “Marlo’s nephews were a story to her. She doesn’t love them because she doesn’t love herself. She kicked her out and publicly humiliated her on national TV for only so long you can hide your true self. She is: A horrible person #RHOA.”

Another fan brought up the issue that Marlo was always talking about growing up in the system and how it affected her childhood but didn’t give the kids a better life. They wrote: “Marlo is the same one who keeps reminding someone that she grew up in foster care and how that’s affecting her and what she’s doing? Pass on her nephews to her sister #RHOA.”

One fan thought the experience must have been traumatizing for the boys, writing: “Marlo kicking her nephews out of the house especially when they have absentee parents is disgusting to me. It’s traumatizing. It reads you are not worthy of my love/support if you don’t do what I want. It really speaks to her character or lack thereof. #RHOA Marlo.”

One fan even went so far as to slam Marlo for abusing her friends and family. Her tweet read: “So Marlo shamed her nephews on national TV. Of course, they act like they’ve just had another traumatizing experience from their mother. You say you don’t want them to feel like they’re not wanted. Then kick them out for a month? whoops #RHOA.”

Fans have found Marlo baffling about abandoning her nephews as she admits she grew up with abandonment issues herself. They wrote: “Marlo struggled with abandonment growing up; turns around and abandons her nephews when she’s having a bad day. #RHOA.”


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14 airs a new episode every Sunday at 8 p.m.

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